How Being Long Distance Has Impacted Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's Relationship

In case you’re nervously wondering whether or not Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are still together, the answer is they are. Which, phew, because SOME OF US have become weirdly and unexpectedly attached to them as a couple and need a lot of reassurance. Anyway! Pete’s in Australia filming a movie, while Kim’s in Los Angeles being turned into a Minion—meaning it’s been a minute since they’ve had a chance to chill.

“The distance hasn’t been an issue for Kim and Pete’s relationship while he’s been away filming,” a source tells E! News. “They are still going strong and making it work.”

Kim recently visited Pete in Australia, but even “when they are apart, they are in constant communication,” “FaceTime consistently,” and are “always getting quick phone calls in when they can.”

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In other words, they’re still fully obsessed with each other, and the source says “Kim loves that he’s always making her laugh and he truly makes her day when they talk. She is still smitten over him and it just works for her.”

Unclear when Pete’s movie wraps production, but he’ll be heading straight to Los Angeles as soon as he can, with the source noting “Pete plans to come back to L.A. after filming wraps to spend time with her for a few days.”

Oh, and FYI Kim’s visit to see Pete in Australia went completely under-the-radar thanks to her security team working “around the clock” to ensure their privacy. A source told The Daily Mail at the time that “She’s just here to spend time with Pete and has no plans on leaving the hotel. It’s a very low-key trip and she doesn’t want to be bothered. Kim is happy to say hi to you if you bump into her, but she definitely doesn’t want to get her photograph taken on this trip.”

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