How celebrities changed over the decade – from Katie Price to Jaden Smith

Celebrities, those wondrous beings that influence so much when it comes to how we style our hair to how we suddenly hate bandage dresses all of a sudden and love a certain Instagram filter.

There has been a staple of famous faces to grace our red carpets, magazine covers, music videos, advertisements, dreams etc and we have the likes of Kim Kardashian, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby, Ariana Grande et al for being there every step of our own style fails and wins.

But when it comes to the names du jour that head up the upper echelon of the so-called A-list supreme team, how have they fared by the wintry mistress of age and time?

Well, when it comes to 2019, yes – in most cases, they’ve never looked better.

So, from the ponytails to the hair colour changes, the new veneers and the plumper cheeks, the heels and the dresses, our favourite stars have come a long way, baby. And we can’t wait to emulate their style well into the 2020s.

Anyway, everyone loves a walk down memory lane…

Ariana Grande

Back in the day, Ariana was a 17-year-old actress and singer who was riding high on fame after being cast in Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

She rocked long red hair, hadn’t found her pout (just yet) and was about to start experimenting with ponytails.

Now? She’s basically one of our favourite human beings and has admitted she can’t NOT wear a ponytail…so it just gets higher and tighter and, again, we’ve been there every step of the way.

Kim Kardashian

Back in 2010, Kim was flexing her muscle as a bona fide businesswoman after storming onto our screens in Keeping Up With The Kardashians the year prior.

She evidently had a penchant for all things colour and fitted (one thing changed) before future-husband Kanye West had a good spring clean of her wardrobe, with that voluminous hair (often parted down the middle) teamed with teetering Louboutins tossed out the door.

Now? Well she’s rocking sharp powersuits while addressing Very Serious And Important People, like President Donald Trump, as she made a charge for prison reform in 2019.

Get a load of that sleek bob, eh?

Kendall Jenner

Sweet baby Kendall Jenner was a mere blip on the celebrity radar in 2010, when she started to chase the fame that came with her aforementioned family reality TV show she found herself in as a pre-teen.

In 2010 the then-15-year-old was starting to make her foray into the modelling world she would soon take over, with her red carpet style all smiley, big heels, bodycon dresses.

Oh memory.

Now? Well, gosh darn it she’s basically owning the modelling world and hardly smiles and is so very fashion it hurts. Please see fig. 1 below – the snakeskin bustier, the leather trousers, it’s all working.

Kylie Jenner

Not only has Kylie Jenner had a massive style transformation since 2010, she’s gone and become a mum AND a billionaire. Hard to find any other celebrities that have come quite so far in the past 10 years, right?

The 22-year-old, who has daughter Stormi, one, with former partner Travis Scott, this year topped the rich list of reality stars when she formed billion-dollar company Kylie Cosmetics.

Since her early days of stardom on, yep, that E! reality show, the star has admitted to using lip fillers which then led to her making a mark on the beauty industry and look here we are. In the wise words of Paul Rudd, ‘who would’ve thought? Not us!’

Khloe Kardashian

While we’re on a roll shall we continue on the same vein of Kardashian/Jenner town and take a look at how Khloe has evolved?

In 2010 the star was also involved in the family reality showbusiness but little did we know she was about to branch out and become one of our faves.

Coining many a catchphrase over the years, we pay thanks to ‘damn, Gina’, to giving us all a term for ‘revenge body’, the star went on to have a kidlet with former partner Tristan Thompson – little one-year-old True – while also spreading her wings and creating a reported $40million empire of her own.

We mean, the abs alone…

Damn, Gina!

The Beckhams

Back in 2010 the Beckham family were making appearances sans little Harper who hadn’t even joined them yet.

THAT’S how long this decade has been dragging on for, fam – Harper Beckham didn’t even exist.


The singing superstar Rihanna was a star but her mogul days were ahead of her still – which means something, seeing as she most definitely was a very, very famous person with a style and pizazz we craved even 10 years ago – from the red hair (or the blonde hair, or black hair) to the colourful outfits and boss attitude.

Now? Well, the woman is worth $600million (£458million), thanks to her Fenty beauty and fashion line, she’s on top of the singing world still (as we patiently await R9) and her acting chops are well up to scratch.

And the sass? The boss? The legend? We cannot get enough of 2019 Rihanna and woah 2020 is going to be big, we can feel it.


Comparing 2010 Beyonce to 2019 Beyonce sort of seems redundant seeing as the woman clearly doesn’t age.

The star in 2010 received 10 Grammy nominations after the legendary I Am…Sasha Fierce, before taking her foot off the gas and announcing a hiatus from the music industry. It only lasted nine months and since then she’s released four more albums (which includes the soundtrack to the Lion King), had a few babies (hello Ivy Blue, Rumi and Sir) and starred in films, including aforementioned Disney classic The Lion King.

And her style? Well, she really settled into that and embraced everything that is brilliant about her natural beauty, rocking braids, talking about her Fupa and generally, being a legend.

Miley Cyrus

2010 saw a whole new Miley Cyrus take to fame, declaring she couldn’t be tamed.

Who was this new woman?

It was a momentous year for the superstar, after she met future-husband Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Last Song in this very year. The two embarked on a 10-year on/off romance, which came with a side dish of marriage in December 2018, before it all ended earlier this year.

The 27-year-old came back with a flourish, instead of lopping off her long hair like she did the first time they split, she rocked a wet-look style and released banger Slide Away.

Katie Price

Katie Price’s last 10 years…where do we begin? In 2010 the star married second husband Alex Reid (which ended the following year and hasn’t gone down terribly amicably) and then went onto her third husband Kieran Hayler, with the pair having two children together. They split, Katie then wrote a few more books, revealed several plastic surgery procedures, got engaged to on/off boyfriend Kris Boyson, had a reality show, appeared in court numerous times and had her license suspended earlier this year, and was also declared bankrupt.

When it comes to her changing style, Katie once admitted her latest round of surgeries left her looking like an ‘alien’, with the star now favouring more of a red carpet pout than her famous grin from 2010. Her once black hair goes between brown and platinum blonde and her style now a little more laid back than the sparkly cocktail gowns she once frequented on the red carpet.

Despite the changes and setbacks, we have to say, the Pricey is still thriving.

Chris Hemsworth

On the cusp of greatness, a floppy-haired Aussie actor by the name of Chris Hemsworth was one year off from scoring his big break in Marvel’s Thor as the titular superhero.

Fast forward a decade and he’s settled down with wife Elsa Pataky and their three children and cemented himself as a Hollywood power player and one of the highest-paid stars.

That and he’s the swoonspiration for millions around the world.

Like a fine wine, you may say…

Justin Bieber

In January 2010 Justin Bieber’s hit Baby was released and the world really got to know this swooshy-haired teen dream from Canada.

Fast forward 10 years and it’s an understatement to say he’s had quite the controversial decade – still at the top of his game, we may add – but his style really has taken a wild ride.

From the brown barnet we came to know (and copy) to alternating between bleached blonde hair and swish side-parts, to the cutesy sweaters and hoodies of his youth to…pyjamas (?) it’s been one big style evolution for the now-married Biebs.

Taylor Swift

The country queen Taylor was making a swift transition to the world of pop and with it came a similarly poppy style evolution, which saw her ditch the perennially ringletted long hair and sequinned party dresses.

While she still clings to her guitar, 2010 saw her final totally-country album, if you will, in Speak Now, before 2012’s Red saw her take on a new sound that many, many were picking up. Since then we’ve seen her rock the wispy blonde locks and fuller fringe (while also going Anna Wintour bob there for a moment) and become a red carpet style icon.

Side note: there was a real moment with midriffs there.

Now? Well, 2019 saw her release Lover, and star in Cats and would you get a load of the gown she sported to the New York premiere?

Kanye West

Kanye was trying to get to grips with his bad guy image after storming the stage to steal Taylor Swift’s thunder in 2009 (we all remember that speech…) before he went from rapper to mogul.

Of course the rapping has remained – albeit now with his religious backing following his foray into Sunday services – but he’s turned into a style icon, what with his Yeezy line and influence over Kim Kardashian’s style power.

What is abundantly clear though is that over the past 10 years Kanye’s ability to rock a suit like no other has not wavered. In fact, with these two images, taken a decade apart, you’d be forgiven in thinking this was the same day. Just saying.

Mind you, he smiled a lot more back then. No matter, man can do what he wants.

Jennifer Lopez

You know who else doesn’t age? Jennifer Lopez.

The Hustlers star is still rocking red carpet glam like ain’t no thing and what’s more she’s perhaps even doing it better than she did 10 years ago.

While the hair might be a little sleeker and the pose a touch more pouty and serious, JLo is the woman of our dreams.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Can we talk about how Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have managed to remain perfect?

In 2010 the genetically-blessed couple were still a year off being engaged, and fast forward to now and we cannot deal with how adorable they are in every which way.

From their red carpet style, their cosy poses in front of the cameras, and hello to their social media.

John is essentially a vampire, looking like 2010’s twin, while Chrissy is more of a Benjamin Button and ageing in reverse. The hair colour change the only hint we’re not in 2010 anymore…

Gabrielle Union

While Gabrielle Union is a boss in so many ways, may we show you how while other celebrities (and mere mortals like ourselves) most definitely feel the cold mistress of time Gabrielle Union is still rocking the red carpet like it’s 2010.

Way back then she was all ‘bring it on’ but she has well and truly brought it and we can only assume the 2020’s are going to be her B.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have been around well beyond 2010, but made quite the comeback in 2019 and wowee have they made a suave transformation at the same time.

While they rocked those suits 10 years ago (business smart pop?), as they made their grand return with the first fresh tunes as a trio in six years so with it came a refined red carpet style.

And a lot more chest hair. And we love it.

Joe, Nick and Kevin have ditched the checks and grey marle for a little fun in their patterns – maybe it’s marriage? We don’t know, but keep doing it lads.

Willow and Jaden Smith

Alright, these two were kids in 2010 but can we please get a load of how Jaden and Willow Smith have managed to still be one of the coolest pairs of siblings around?

The progeny of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were both stars in their own right back in the day, with Willow shooting to fame at the age of nine with her 2009 hit Whip My Hair. Jaden was also a superstar after starring alongside Jackie Chan in 2010’s The Karate Kid.

Now? Well, when Willow, 19, isn’t schooling us all on her mum’s Red Table Talk series and Jaden, 21, isn’t showcasing some wacky new style trend, the pair are acing this fame game.

Frankly, we were jealous of their style back in 2010 and we’re still the same now…

Holly Willoughby

While Holly Willoughby was already influencing the wardrobes of UK punters back in 2010, her prowess is only on overdrive come 2019.

We simply cannot get enough of the women, who continues to reign daytime telly with her hosting slots on This Morning as well as Dancing On Ice and Celebrity Juice.

She was known for her bodycon dresses on the red carpet back in the day, but after forming a love of fitness and trying some fresher styles, she was then forced to insist she still had her ‘willoughboobies’ to Lorraine Kelly.

Now she’s rocking more chic and refined ensembles and has lopped off her long, blonde curls for a shorter style, but just like in 2010 we’re picking up what she’s putting down (seriously, the woman posts a shot of her wardrobe each morning and we fawn, hard).

Still, we demand just one more spin of these leopard print pumps, please.

Amanda Holden

Still a lover of a hand-on-the-hip pose on the red carpet, Amanda Holden is still acing the style game.

And after insisting she was not going to stop wearing skimpy outfits we have to say the Britain’s Got Talent star is on top of the fashion stakes.

Just another example of stars continuing to live their best life over the past decade.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has always loved a crisp white shirt and it’s hard to deny the star has looked relatively the same over the past decade.

However this year he did raise eyebrows after losing 20lb due to a vegan diet, while also having his ’21st Century Facelift’ – having spoken about his proclivity for it in the past.

Look, each to their own – whatever makes you happy.

Funnily enough, the Syco mogul’s hair

Liam Gallagher

Nothing is ever going to get Liam Gallagher out of his parka, not even the blistering sunshine.

The Oasis frontman and solo star has long favoured the coat – insisting he can’t fit all his parkas into his house – and it’s nice to see the singer hasn’t changed over the decade.

His hair is even reminiscent of the 2010 barnet…

Here’s to the next 10, right, stars?

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