Im constantly on the go but my pregnancy is getting more full on, says Amy Childs

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs exclusively revealed with OK! that she’s expecting twins with her boyfriend Billy Belbosq – something which came as a shock to the pair.

While Amy, 32, had come off contraception earlier this year, the reality TV star didn’t expect to conceive so quickly as she discovered she was pregnant just two months later. Making the surprise even bigger, she later found out she’s carrying twins.

Now, in her exclusive column for OK!, Amy is charting her pregnancy, and how she feels like she’s “going back to square one” despite having had two babies before.

In her fourth column below, Amy gives a health update after last week’s scare, and addresses those engagement rumours…

The twins and I are doing fine after last week!

I had a funny turn and it was really scary. I went to the hospital and they said that my blood pressure must have dropped, and I had it checked and it was fine… I felt like I was going to pass out! I’ve never had that in my pregnancies, ever.

I feel fine now – I think I was maybe doing too much. Me as a person, I’m constantly on the go. Then when I do chill out, I completely chill out.

At the hospital they checked the babies and they’re all fine too.

My scans will be biweekly in the new year as now is when they start growing the most. They'll be looking at blood pressure – everything. It's going to be quite full on.

I finally felt my first kick!

On the way back from mine and Billy’s weekend away, I felt my first proper kick. We were in the car and I was like, ‘Oh my god. What is that?’ and I really panicked him!

The kick was really extreme, so that was funny. It was nice that we were together when it happened. It was on my right side, so I’m pretty sure it was the girl.

With Billy being a first time dad, him feeling the first kick was really special.

Billy and I aren’t engaged… yet

I’ve had loads of people message me to congratulate me on my engagement but, just so you know, I’m not engaged. I think it’s because Billy put a lovely post up while we were away and called me his ‘future wife’ or whatever, so everyone was congratulating me. I was like, “No, I’m not engaged hun… I’ll let you know when I’m engaged”.

It will happen when it happens. We’re in such a bubble at the minute, we have so much going on that it’s not really the top of our priority list.

Polly predicted the twins’ genders

It’s really, really mad because when we told Polly, she said: “Mum, I knew that already.” It’s like she’s a bit of a psychic. Even before the reveal, my mum took her out and bought her two babies in pink and blue clothes, and she said, “This is what you’re having, Mum”.

Meanwhile Ritchie’s really young. He doesn’t really know what’s going on. He's all good as long as he has his toys, but Polly’s so excited.


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