Inside Shawn Mendes’ Relationship With Matthew McConaughey

In unlikely-friendship news, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and singer Shawn Mendes revealed that they’re great pals. And, according to E! Online, it all started with a DM.

On The Late Show with James Cordon, Mendes dove into how his bromance with McConaughey started, admitting, “I messaged him a few times on Instagram. I asked for his phone number and then was like, ‘I gotta call.’ I was in desperate need of advice and that’s how the friendship started.” The two joined forces for the aired video call and each of them divulged the details on their unlikely bond.

Apparently, Mendes was looking for advice on how to handle the scrutiny of the public spotlight and how to respond when you’ve made a mistake. “You told me something — actually, this was before I read the book — you said, ‘You have to be the author of your own life.’ And I think there comes a point in everybody’s life where you kind of have to start making your own choices and that means taking the blame when things go wrong and taking the glory when things go right,” he said to the actor-turned-author.

Since McConaughey has spoken at commencement speeches and left audiences speechless after his award wins, Mendes’ thought to ask for advice seems wise. 

Matthew McConaughey's kids are big fans of Shawn Mendes

The appreciation seems to be mutual, according to the actor’s various interviews. Even though Mendes joked that he “forced the relationship on him,” McConaughey is also a fan of the singer’s. He explained that they “hit it off pretty quickly,” as Insider notes. 

The author added his take on the pair’s initial connection, “I saw this young man who I was a fan — I think I may have been a fan of yours before you were a fan of mine. I don’t know how long you’ve been a fan of mine.” To which Mendes responded, “I’ve been a fan of yours since before I was even—I had braces and no one ever knew my name back in Canada still” (via E! Online). 

But, perhaps the biggest fans of their budding friendship include the actor’s three kids with wife, Camila Alves. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he explained that his kids were shocked to learn that their dad had their favorite singer’s phone number (via BuzzFeed). According to once McConaughey confirmed that he did in fact have Mendes’ contact information, his children clamored to talk to him, only to panic about what to say.

We can’t say that McConaughey’s children are the only fans of this new friendship! 

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