J Lo & Ben Kiss on a Dock in Naples Italy

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continued their “2021 We’re Super in Love” tour Saturday, as they packed on the PDA along the Mediterranean.

Ben and J Lo were all over each other again, as they smooched it up on a dock in Naples, Italy.

They’ve been on a multi-million dollar superyacht all week, meandering along the coast in the South of France and Italy. The yacht will set them back $1.3 mil for a week’s stay. Seriously.

A-Rod‘s been yachting in the Med as well, at times in the same area as Ben and Jen. As far as we can tell, there’s been no interaction between them.

Since they reunited, they have played with photogs and made it clear they’re down with all the PDA pics. It’s a seismic change from Ben’s M.O. — he’s never been one to play to the cameras, but that was then …

Unclear when it’s back to reality, but it seems they’ve got some sort of plan together in L.A. She’s already scoped out schools for her kids.

They seem to be living proof that you really can pick up where you left off.

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