Jacqueline Jossa text Love Islander accused of sleeping with Dan Osborne

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne‘s marriage was rocked last year by cheating allegations after Dan was accused of sleeping with Love Island star Gabby Allen.

But according to the man himself, his wife is ‘no doormat’ and actually messaged Gabby to ask if she had slept with her husband.

‘Jacqueline has sent a few messages to women I’ve been accused of cheating with — I think any partner would do that — asking what had happened between us,’ Dan told The Sun Online.

‘I’ve told her I haven’t cheated on her, that I’ve just been out with those girls, they’re mates and that’s it.

‘I’m a friendly person so I’ll go out and speak to people I get on with, male or female. That’s just what I’m like.’

Dan continued: ‘But I get pictured with a woman and suddenly we’re getting cosy.

‘With Gabby, I know the pictures didn’t look great because of the angle they were taken at, but there was nothing in it.


‘And if Jacqueline really believed I had cheated on her, she wouldn’t be with me now because she wouldn’t stand for any crap, honestly.

‘She’s no doormat. She’s a very strong woman.’

Gabby, who was shocked by the allegations, also reassured the mum of two nothing had happened between her and the former Towie star.

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Jacqueline is starring in this year’s I’m A Celebrity, alongside Gabby’s ex-boyfriend Myles Stephenson.

Gabby’s own romance with Myles came to a crashing end amid accusations he had sent flirty messages to other women behind her back.

She confirmed the news, writing on Instagram: ‘The newspaper articles are true. I am no longer in a relationship. I hope youse have all had a better week than me!’

Let’s hope talk between Jacqueline and Myles doesn’t turn to their love lives…

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