Jasmine Harmans tough week at work amid Jonnie Irwins diagnosis

Jasmine Harman thanks fans and says 'let's support each other'

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A Place in the Sun host Jasmine Harman, 47, was left devastated last week when Jonnie Irwin made his cancer diagnosis public. The heartbroken TV star reacted after learning that his lung cancer had spread to his brain and his illness was terminal.

She consoled herself as she took time out in Spain this week, telling followers she was attempting to get herself back “in the zone”.

Donning a bright yellow tropical print jumpsuit and shimmying around, as well as complimenting the matching “1980s” hair scrunchie that came with it, Jasmine admitted that it had been “a tough week last week”.

“This is how I got myself in the zone this morning,” she added, publishing a slice of video footage to her 119,000 followers.

“Positive, upbeat, loving life,” she captioned the material, along with the hashtag #mondaymotivation.

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In spite of the display of positivity, Jasmine has struggled to cope with the deterioration of her dearly cherished friend.

He had early warning signs that something was wrong after suddenly suffering blurred vision during a filming session in Italy for A Place in the Sun in 2020.

Later, after he returned home, he was given the chilling diagnosis and told he had just six months of life left.

Ultimately, however, the presenter – who will tragically leave behind a wife, a three-year-old son and two-year-old twins – has admitted that he “doesn’t know” how long he will be around.

Yesterday, Jasmine addressed the issue in an Instagram post, admitting that she preferred to support Jonnie privately, so wouldn’t be discussing all the details publicly.

“Just wanted to say a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to all those who have posted messages of support to me and even those who have come up to me in person to wish Jonnie well,” she wrote.

“It’s amazing to know how loved he is and how many people have been touched by his story.

“I want to say that I prefer to support Jonnie privately as a friend, so you won’t see lots of posts about him here as I feel that it is up to him to decide what and how much he posts about his life.”

However, she added: “I am thinking of him all the time, and I’m so proud to call him a friend.”

Followers flooded her post with well wishes, including those who had used the show as an inspiration to take the plunge and live abroad, so regarded the pair as life-changers.

“It’s because of you two that we had 14 fantastic years in Spain. Watched Place in the Sun constantly so we decided to go for it!!” one fan, @milly.rodgers.90 enthused.

@dannyfisher1 echoed: “I’m gutted by his news. Jonnie, you and Laura are why I watch A Place in the Sun.”

@billyemerson57 chimed in: “Jonnie’s enthusiastic inspiration on A Place in the Sun was why we bought our little town house project in Torrox – a life changing and life enhancing experience!! Thank you. God Bless.”

@garry_double_rr added: “You’ve both been a big part of people’s lives for so many years.”

The previous week, Jasmine had posted photos of the pair together while commending his bravery for sharing his story.

Describing him as her “original partner in crime”, she added: “As ever a true inspiration & always positive and up for a laugh no matter what the circumstances.”

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