Jeffree Star posts dramatic breakup video lamenting losing ‘love of his life’

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star has announced his breakup with Nathan Schwandt after five years.

In a long video on YouTube, where Jeffree has 17.1 million subscribers, Jeffree explained that his social media absence was due to his break up with the "love of his life".

Sitting on a huge pink bed surrounded by Pomeranians, Jeffree, 34, said: "We are a few weeks of me and Nathan no longer being together.

"There's no easy way to say this but we did break up. We did break up.

"I've used this time of silence to just try to heal. We're both in a state of shock.

"I'm devastated, I'm so sad, the love of my life is no longer here every morning.

He added that he had "learnt a lot" for not being on his phone much in the last few weeks.

Jeffree said that Nathan was the only man he had ever been in love with.

He then said that Nathan sent his love to the viewers and wished he could be there to film with Jeffree.

Jeffree explains that he fell for Nathan "so hard", and that Nathan never wanted to be in the spotlight, and just "loved me for me".

Jeffree talked about his mother's declining health which he called "touch and go", and that his grandmother was 102 years old and "not doing well".

He also said of his disgust that family members that he hasn't even spoken to in years had tried to sell stories about his breakup for money.

He also explained that Nathan's grandfather had recently died.

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His voice breaking, Jeffree also said that two of his dogs, Daddy and Diamond had died last year, and they had not processed that loss yet.

He added that he had millions of dollars stolen from his company last year as his products were robbed when thieves broke into a warehouse of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

He said that Nathan did not want the scrutiny that came with dating Jeffree, who has 6.2 million followers on Twitter .

Fan's comments ranged from the sympathetic to the furious, as Jeffree had cancelled his upcoming European tour due to his personal struggles.

"okay yeah it is heartbreaking that this has happened, but you cancelled a whole tour because of it??? so many people had flights, accommodation, transport etc. booked and u cancelled within 4 days of it starting…….", said one.

Another wrote: "I love you jeffree. You’re a survivor. You’re going to get through this, and come out stronger and better like you always do. I promise that 2020 will bring you peace and clarity. I see it for you. Stay strong and know we are all lifting you up in your time of need".

"Y make a video on it? Just for some views", pondered another.

Before the video came out, fans had predicted that Jeffree would not have cancelled his tour over just a break up.

"I do not think Jeffree of all people would cancel a tour with multiple sponsors, crew, venues booked, tickets sold out, disappointing masses of fans and screwing them on travel arrangements over a break up. I genuinely wish media outlets wouldn't speculate", one wrote.

Jeffree signed off by urging his followers to look after one another and themselves, and then paid tribute to two of his fans who had died recently.

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