Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals All Of Her Pregnancy ‘Feels’ In Hilarious Instagram PSA

Pregnancy has its many side effects: swollen feet, changing body parts, extra strong emotions, and so on. Apparently, actor Jennfer Love Hewitt — who announced her third pregnancy in May — has recently been feeling those extra powerful emotions, as she revealed in a hilarious update on her Instagram Story on June 11.

“Okay, so I didn’t think that it was possible to cry more than I already do — not in real life, but like my job, on the show. I feel like on ‘911’ all I do is cry all the time for hours and months and months,” she began. “But I am apparently at the part of pregnancy where I just like cry-slash-hysterically laugh at the same time moment, so I just want to let everyone know I’m good,” she smiled. “I feel like this is a PSA to say just a pregnant lady with a lot of feels. I would say probably four times a day at the moment I’m just breaking out into tears because things emotionally touch my heart. And then that makes me laugh, and so then I crack up laughing about the fact that I’m crying,” she further explained.

It looks like her growing baby has control of her emotions, and it’s not sitting quite right with the rest of her family. Keep scrolling to learn what she said about her family’s reaction to her spurts of emotion.

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