Jeremy Allen Whites estranged wife Addison says shes raised their kids alone for 9 months

Last week, Addison Timlin filed for divorce from The Bear actor Jeremy Allen White. It was a little bit surprising since there’s never been any gossip about them as a couple or separately — it seemed like Jeremy worked and they quietly raised their young children. Aside from the filing, there was nary a word from either camp until Sunday. Addison posted on Instagram about Mother’s Day about being a single mom and noting she raised their kids alone for nine months.

Addison Timlin is speaking candidly about the challenges of raising kids as a “single mother” following her split from estranged husband Jeremy Allen White.

The actress, 31, marked Mother’s Day on Sunday with a post on Instagram, in which she shared a carousel of photos of herself and her two daughters — Ezer, 4, and Dolores, 2 — whom she shares with White, 32.

“Being a single mom is not how I pictured it,” Timlin began her caption. “It is so f—ing hard. It is all out covered in s— crying on the floor kick you in the shins screaming with no sound coming out hard. It’s not the natural order of things.”

Noting how single mom life can be “exhausting” and “lonely,” especially “when something magical happens and you have to tell yourself ‘don’t forget this’ because theres no witness by your side,” the mother of two said, “It’s so painful.”

“But just like everything with motherhood the lows are demolished by the staggering heights,” Timlin continued. “To live with young children is an eyes wide open, wondrous and joyful place to be, it’s to be surrounded by a daily expression of their authentic selves and I wonder if without their example I would have been able to do the same.”

Timlin then shared that her “hope for all mothers is that the expansive, unconditional, without fear or judgement love we offer our children can be turned towards ourselves as much as possible. We need it.”

“Knowing what is best for you is easy if you can get quiet enough- doing what is best for you can seem impossible- but it’s not,” she continued.

Timlin added that she was “feeling so peaceful today and so deeply in love with my children,” stating, “Being a mom is the only thing I’ve ever wanted and being theirs is just the luckiest most remarkable thing on the planet.”

“Doing it alone has given me more strength and more empathy and more tears than anything else in my life ever has,” she said.

Continuing her caption, Timlin then expressed her thanks for all that “helped me in these last 9 months” since her split from White.

“The moms who picked my kid up from school in an emergency, play dates that made weekends feel a little less like climbing a small mountain, crying in my car, urgent care centers, frozen 1 and 2, and my little man JJ,” she wrote.

“Kraft mac and cheese, dry shampoo, ice cream, lollipops, goldfish, pirates booty, pull ups, crocs, soap & water, neighbors, my friends, my family,” Timlin continued.

She concluded: “And if you turned and said to me ‘I’ve got you’ Oof. It feels good. Happy Mother’s Day ya’ll.”

PEOPLE confirmed last week that Timlin filed for divorce from White, whom she married in 2019.

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Addison isn’t specific about the timeline. It is unclear whether she means they have actually been separated for nine months or if she has effectively been a single mom for nine months because Jeremy has been away filming. Is that a distinction without a difference? I don’t know. I do feel for her because abandonment is abandonment even for affluent people. She and Jeremy have definitely posted about and mentioned each other in interviews and speeches in the past nine months. Were they just keeping up appearances? Who can say, but this post kind of blew the lid off of that. Maybe it was meant to spur Jeremy into being more present for his children. Being an absent dad is very Shameless.

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