Jimmy Kimmel Gives an Emotional Monologue on George Floyd & Riots in Minneapolis

Jimmy Kimmel ended his week of shows on Jimmy Kimmel Live by delivering an emotional monologue on the death of George Floyd and the riots happening in Minneapolis.

The talk show host opened the monologue by discussing the facts of the story and then talked about the unrest happening in the country.

“Unfortunately, this is the loop we get stuck in: It goes from ‘it isn’t right to kill an unarmed man’ to ‘it also isn’t right to loot and set fires and attack the police, too,’” he said. “Last night there were senseless acts of violence that were brought on by a senseless act of violence. And it just keeps going in a loop.”

Kimmel also addressed the tweet that Trump wrote in which he said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

“I especially want to pose this question to older people who have seen this before in this country, who have lived this nightmare of race riots already, in the ’60s and ’70s, ’80s, now,” he said. “Is this who you want leading us? A president who clearly and intentionally inflames violence in the middle of a riot to show how tough he is? I don’t care what you are, right, left, Republican, Democrat, something else. Enough is enough. We’ve got to vote this guy out already.”

“And we need to work on this problem we have, this blatant double standard because when you stand in front of the flag, you put your hand on your heart and you pledge allegiance with ‘liberty and justice for all,’ we don’t have that, ‘for all.’ I mean, I have it, a lot of you have it, but it’s not for all,” he said.

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