Jodie Whittaker issues apology after telling Doctor Who co-star to shut up in show jibe

Doctor Who: John Bishop says he can’t say ‘a lot’ about filming

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Doctor Who is returning to the BBC later this month as viewers tune in for Jodie Whittaker’s final series. She’ll also be joined by new companion Jacob Anderson, who the star admitted she had to apologise to at the show’s launch.

Speaking to and other media, Jodie shared some insight into her first meeting with the Game of Thrones star.

The beloved actor admitted it all got a bit awkward when it was revealed she had never seen GoT.

Jacob is well-known for playing Grey Worm in the hit fantasy show Game of Thrones.

At the show’s recent launch, Jacob was questioned about the show, when Jodie quipped: “Never heard of it.”

In response, the Grey Worm star said: “That was the first thing Jodie said to me.

“‘I knew you when you were younger and I’ve never watched Game of Thrones so shut up!’”

Jodie laughed the memory off, as she added: “I said it in a very apologetic way!

“I was the only person in the land who hasn’t seen it.

“I’m so sorry, I will watch it, I promise. It’s just a lot to catch up on now.

“Now there’s a bl**dy prequel!”

Jacob will be joining the upcoming series of Doctor Who, which will begin airing on Halloween.

He’ll be playing a character called Vinder alongside Jodie, Mandip Gill and John Bishop.

Not much is known about his role yet but the star did admit he was very excited to be involved.

He told the BBC: “The Doctor has been a part of my life forever, from watching and rewatching the serials on VHS as a kid and being terrified.

“To unexpectedly finding my eyes watering when the Tenth Doctor said ‘I don’t want to go’, I always wanted to live in the Whoniverse.

“Not only has a lifelong dream of mine now been fulfilled, but to be playing a character as fun, adventurous and dynamic as Vinder is the cherry on top.

“This is very cool,” the star added.

During the recent Q&A, Jodie also opened up about leaving the BBC show.

She said: “You have to honour the show and to honour everything. Me and Chris [Chibnall, showrunner], there was this thing of like ‘We want to do three seasons’.

“But no one holds you to that so there was always a conversation, it was always fluid. But when you commit to that decision.

“This Doctor is Chris’s Doctor so for me it is right, but if everyone comes up to you forever going ‘I’m a Doctor Who fan’ then that is an absolute joy because it has been such a pleasure.”

Doctor Who series 14 begins on BBC One on Halloween.

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