Jonathan Ross hits red carpet with daughter Honey amid eldests debilitating health news

Jonathan Ross's daughter asks people not to send medical advice

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As the show aired on television last night, Honey Ross took to her official Instagram page to share two photos from the star-studded, with an accompanying caption that read: “ShivLogan Roy attend An Audience With Adele.” The 24-year-old wore an all-black ensemble for the occasion while her famous father Jonathan Ross donned a striped shirt with a brown patterned blazer and matching striped trousers. 

One of my children is not very well

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan’s outing at An Audience With Adele is the first time he’s been seen on the red carpet since he candidly spoke out about one of his daughters being diagnosed with a “debilitating” condition in an interview Good Morning Britain last month. 

The TV presenter stressed that plans for his annual Halloween bash had been cancelled due to his her illness as well as the rising number of COVID-19 infections. 

“One of my children is not very well,” Jonathan gushed. “One of my children had Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic and they thought she had long Covid-19.

“But it has now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia, which is quite debilitating. She’s back home with us and we’re looking after her, she’s upstairs in the bedroom.

“I thought, I can’t, in good conscience, have a big loud fun party downstairs and one of my children is locked in a room upstairs, not able to come down. It’s like something out of a horror novel.”

A day after the interview had aired, Jonathan’s eldest child, Betty, used her social platform to lash out against trolls who were said to have flooded her messaging box with “hateful” comments, after requesting followers not to send her any medical advise about her health condition. 

Betty explained that while she was “very down” with some of the tips people had sent her way, she felt “uncomfortable” by those who were telling her what she can and cannot eat, along with unsolicited recommendations on medications she should take for her fibromyalgia.

And while Jonathan had made no mention of which daughter had been feeling unwell at the time, Betty ultimately gave it away when she utilised the Instagram Story feature to address her current health problems. 

She explained: “Some of it I’m very down with, things like tens machines and heated blankets, I’m always happy to hear more of that.

“I’ve also had quite a few people specifically telling me I should be cutting out certain foods or I should be taking certain medicine or they think I actually have a different condition.”

Honey continued by assuring her 4,000 fans that she had things under control thanks to a “really good specialist,” who has helped keep her mind at ease while she adjusts to life with fibromyalgia. 

Via the NHS, fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body, with symptoms including fatigue, sensitivity to headache and pain, and muscle stiffness. 


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While the condition’s exact cause remains unknown, it’s believed that abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the brain are linked to the disorder.

There’s no cure for fibromyalgia, yet treatments such as painkillers and exercise programmes are known to help ease the day-to-day symptoms.

Betty continued telling her Instagram followers that she was “thankful” that out of all the messages she had received, only a handful of them were “terrible”.

“And all of the others have been delightful but it’s still really miserable getting something like that,” she said, referring to a mean comment she had read in her direct messaging inbox. 

One supposed fan had reached out to Betty, claiming that her condition resulted from unhealthy eating and consuming “too much starch and sugar,” which they claimed “breaks down the intestinal cells”.

The remark prompted Jonathan’s daughter to respond, saying that it was “factually incorrect” and “creepy” to assume someone’s health problems are based on their food intake.

She concluded by saying that they had “no right to tell a stranger what they should be eating”.

Betty says she will only continue to take the advice given by her specialist. 

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