Kardashians Blast Blac Chyna For Posing For Lengthy Photoshoot During TV Show Court Battle

The Kardashian clan is claiming that Blac Chyna has acted inappropriately during recent depositions in new court documents that spill all the tea!

Blac Chyna was blasted by the Kardashians’ lawyers for arriving late at a deposition and posing for a photoshoot with her entourage in tow, according to new court documents filed on January 9 in connection with Kardashians’ application to continue Chyna’s deposition. The Kardashians’ application accuses Chyna of arriving to a September 2019 deposition 90 minutes late and engaging in a photoshoot during the lunch break. They are also accusing Chyna and her lawyer of being disruptive during the proceedings.

Kardashians’ application states that “Plaintiff’s deposition was scheduled to commence at 10:00 a.m. on September 24, 2019 at the offices of L&S [Lavely & Singer]. On September 24, 2019, Plaintiff arrived for her deposition over an hour and a half late”. They go on to state that “Plaintiff sat for less than five or seven hours of her deposition. At the lunch break, Plaintiff began to engage in a photoshoot in the main conference room of the L&S office, as well as in and around Defendants’ counsel’s office building, accompanied by her counsel, Lynne Ciani and a small entourage of photographers and stylists.” Chyna’s response to the application denies that there was any discovery misconduct. Her response states, “There has been no discovery misconduct by Plaintiff.”

The defendant, Kardashians’ documents go on to say, “As a result of Plaintiff’s photoshoot, the agreed-upon hour long lunch break (which began two hours after the deposition commenced at 11:50 a.m.) was extended to almost an hour and twenty minutes. Furthermore, and as described below, Plaintiff and her attorney were disruptive during the deposition, refusing to answer relevant questions and preventing a full and fair examination – so much so that the deposition could not be concluded in one day and Defendants were forced to file a motion with the Court for an order appointing a discovery referee to conclude the deposition.”

“Plaintiff refused to answer Mr. Singer’s questions and even threatened to leave the deposition. Plaintiff and her counsel deliberately avoided providing a clear answer about whether she felt she could not be on a television show with Defendant Robert Kardashian in July 2017, when she filed for a restraining order against him including a stay-away order…”, the application states.

As we previously reported, Rob is reportedly fighting for primary custody of his daughter Dream Kardashian, 3, after making some harsh allegations against his ex and the child’s mother Blac Chyna according to TMZ, citing unpublished court documents. If TMZ‘s reporting is correct, then Rob has had a change of heart from March 2019, when the former couple reportedly reached a joint custody agreement and Rob no longer had to pay $20,000 in child support to Chyna every month.  HollywoodLife has reached out to Rob and Chyna’s reps to verify this report, as well, but neither has provided any response.

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