Katy Perry Spreads Message of "Redemption and Forgiveness" Talking About Taylor Swift

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have put the past behind them. After a feud that spanned several years, Katy sent Taylor a literal olive branch last year, and the two sealed their reconciliation in Taylor’s video for “You Need to Calm Down,” in which they hold hands dressed up as a burger and fries, respectively. Now, Katy is opening up about what led to her decision to make amends in a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


After briefly touching on the “misunderstanding” that led to their falling-out, Katy said, “It was really unfortunate, but we made amends, and I’m all about redemption and forgiveness.” She added, “We have so much in common and there’s probably only 10 people in the world that have the same things in common. I was like, we should really be friends over that and share our strengths and our weaknesses and our challenges. We can really help each other get through a lot because it’s not as easy as it seems sometimes.” Watch the full interview above.

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