Kelly Clarkson and Kaley Cuoco Sharing Blackout Stories Is the Energy We Need in 2021

It seems we need to start partying with Kaley Cuoco and Kelly Clarkson after hearing their blackout stories on The Kelly Clarkson Show. In an extra from Kaley’s appearance on Nov. 19, the pair share their real-life blackout experiences in honor of HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant. The only time Kaley ever truly had a night she couldn’t recall involved sake and her now-husband, Karl Cook. “That’s when Kaley learned, we don’t drink sake anymore. . . . I woke up in my full riding outfit, with my tall boots on,” Kaley tells the host. “Hat — swear to God — hair still in a knot from under my helmet, laying on the couch like this and I woke up. . . . And I go, ‘What happened?’ And he’s like, ‘Sake happened.'”

Kelly confesses that her moment “wasn’t cool at all” because it didn’t involve alcohol, just her dentist. It’s almost better because of the aftermath, which included multiple boxes of jewelry. “I had a full night, completely with eyes open, and I don’t remember,” Kelly states as her band begin to laugh. “I literally was at rehearsal, sitting in a chair apparently like this with sunglasses and they’re playing and I go . . . ‘That ain’t my song.'” You can hear more about Kelly and Kaley’s blackout shenanigans in the full video above.

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