Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal Unapologetic After Dressing as Native American and Alec Baldwin

When celebrating Halloween, the reporter shares some pictures of him and the former ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star showing off prop guns on Instagram.

AceShowbizKelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal refused to apologize despite backlash over their Halloween costumes. Having drawn backlash for dressing as Native American and Alec Baldwin from “Rust” set respectively, the married couple stood by their choices.

The Real Housewives of Orange County” alum and the journalist reacted to the criticism in an interview with Page Six. “People are way too sensitive,” she told the outlet on Monday, November 1. “I embrace my Native American heritage. I think the fashion is beautiful, and this was a tribute and celebration.”

Noting that she has received support from “many Native Americans,” Kelly added, “People are always looking to criticize me for anything I do, so this is no surprise.” She concluded, “And by the way, I’ve gotten lots of love and appreciation on Instagram, too, so thank you for all the support!”

As for Rick, he insisted that “in now way was [he] trying to offend anyone, except Alec Baldwin.” The former Fox News correspondent further blasted the actor, “He’s a jerk and deserves all the heat he’s getting.”

“We planned our costumes weeks ago, and I just decided to be [Alec] at the last minute,” the reporter continued explaining. “If we analyzed every costume for who might be offended by it, there would be no Halloween anymore.”

In pictures that Rick shared on Instagram, he and his wife were seen showing off prop guns, prompting online users to call them “very insensitive.” Another argued, “Sorry but bad taste. Come on someone lost their life,” referring to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins who was accidentally killed in the “Rust” shooting incident.

In a statement to Page Six, however, Rick stressed that he feels “bad for the victim and her family, but this was never about her or them.” He further elaborated, “If Baldwin is anti-gun, why is he waving them around in movies and pointing them at people and pulling the trigger? Focus your anger at him and the hypocrisy of that industry.”

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