Kerry Katona Recalls Horror Experience Related to Spirit Who Wanted Her Son

The British media personality also claims in a new interview that according to some ghost hunters, the spirit, which was called John, gave her late husband George Bell’s Palsy.

AceShowbizKerry Katona‘s stint on “Celebrity Ghost Trip” with her daughter Lilly-Sue McFadden has yet to start, but she already feels the horror. The British media personality claimed that she encoutered several experiences of paranormal activity herself years ago.

In an interview with new! magazine, the 41-year-old claimed that a team of ghost hunters visited her house. The group later told her that there was a spirit called John who wanted her son Max.

“We had a paranormal activity team in the house. It was about six years ago,” said Kerry. “They told us there was a man in the house called John and he wanted us to leave – and he wanted my son Max.”

Kerry added that “it was when George [Kay, Kerry’s late husband] was still alive.” Not stopping there, the ghost hunters also told Kerry that “John gave George Bell’s Palsy.” She continued, “I’ve had this all my life, but the lights in the house constantly turn on an off. It happened in my old house and it’s been happening here, too. My bedroom is like a bloody disco!’ “

That aside, “Celebrity Ghost Trip” marks Lilly-Sue’s first TV appearance even though she has been featured a lot on her mother’s YouTube channel. “Kerry and Lilly make an amazing partnership on Celebrity Ghost Trip. It’s the first time Lilly has properly been on television and she really shines on camera,” said a source.

The informant added that the teen, who is the daughter of Kerry and Westlife singer Brian McFadden, “has a great rapport with Kerry on screen and they made an amazing team.”

In addition to Lilly, Kerry and Brian share another daughter named Molly (20). Kerry is a parent to Heidi (14) and Maxwell (13) from her marriage to Mark Croft. She also shares daughter Dylan Jorge with George Kay.

On “Celebrity Ghost Trip”, the mother-and-daughter duo joins David Potts and Callum Izzard. Also among the cast are “Too Hot to Handle” stars Chloe Veitch and Nicole O’Brien, rapper Graft and Sian Gabbidon.

The new show will see coach driver Brendan Sheerin driving the vehicle round the country to different spooky locations across the U.K. “It’s a whole new take on the format of the show and I am really looking forward to exploring the UK and seeing a few celebrities step outside of their comfort zone,” Brendan said.

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