Khabib's Manager Says 0.00% Chance He Rematches Conor McGregor, Gunning for GSP

Sorry, Conor McGregor … there’s a “0.00% chance” you’ll get your rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov — so says Khabib’s manager.

We spoke with Ali Abdelaziz (looking fresh in his Versace shirt) after Khabib’s big victory over Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi this weekend … and we had to ask who’s next on the hit list!!!

Of course, Dana White has said he wants Khabib to fight Tony Ferguson — the #1 ranked lightweight contender — but Ali says Tony’s not the priority.

“Georges St-Pierre is next,” Ali tells TMZ Sports … “If Khabib is going to fight for legacy, a fight with GSP would be a huge fight.”

Ali says Tony has never been a champion — while GSP is widely regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time … so for him, it’s a no-brainer.

Plus, Ali says there’s WAY more money in a Khabib vs. GSP fight … explaining, “People would care more!!!”

Ali tells us, Khabib could be ready to take that fight before the end of 2019 — and he’s confident Georges could be ready too.

As for Conor — who recently tweeted about wanting a 2nd crack at Khabib — Ali says Khabib has nothing left to prove … and since he smashed McGregor so badly in the first fight, there’s no need for a rematch.

“Not interested at all … for what?!? We already beat him, we already whooped his ass.”

Ali also says Khabib doesn’t want to get involved with the “ugliness” associated with Conor … an obvious reference to the racist and disgusting insults McGregor spewed while promoting the fight.

“We don’t wanna go through with this Conor bulls**t again.”

When asked specifically about the chances of a rematch coming together, Ali said bluntly — “0.00.”

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