Killed it for me Freddie Flintoff speaks out on anxiety-inducing moment in Top Gear

Top Gear: Freddie Flintoff takes on terrifying Wall of Death

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Asked how long it might be before everyone is in an electric car, the 43-year-old admitted, “We’ll all eventually be in them, but I won’t get one until the range and the infrastructure to charge them improves.” The range of an electric car – the distance it can travel before the battery has to be re-charged – is one of the biggest challenges facing aspiring eco-drivers.

Not knowing if I was going to get to where I was going killed it for me

Freddie Flintoff

“I loved driving the electric Polestar in the show, but I get range anxiety,” he confessed.

“Not knowing if I was going to get to where I was going killed it for me.”

Freddie recognises the benefit in Top Gear going green, but believes that many, like himself, won’t be ready to take the plunge.

“We’ve got a responsibility to reflect green awareness. It’s a natural evolution,” he acknowledged.

However, he doubted that it would happen soon, as there are still so many petrol cars “knocking about”.

“For the next generation, it’ll become the norm to drive an electric car,” he added, “but [right now] we’re still approaching that transitional phase.”

Meanwhile, Freddie’s eco-friendly credentials don’t quite extend to slumming it with the rest of the public on the Tube or London buses.

“I don’t use the Tube regularly because it confuses me,” he confessed.

“If I get off at the right stop, I’m looking around for someone to high-five.” 107

He also experienced an embarrassing moment on a bus when, despite having a handful of cash, he was denied the right to board because he didn’t have an Oyster card.

“I had to get off with all these disgruntled passengers shaking their heads at me,” he recalled.

The verdict? “Never again!”

Fortunately for Freddie, he has a Range Rover large enough to comfortably accommodate his family.

Meanwhile, if he makes the switch to electric in the future, he has his eye on an EV6 by Kia – “one of the best looking” he’s ever seen.

It remains to be seen whether enough range improvements can be made to entice others to follow in eco-friendly footsteps in the short-term.

Yet Freddie has endured the ultimate electric car challenge already, competing with Top Gear colleagues Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness in a bid to build his own battery-powered sports car on a budget.

Fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the action can view episode two from Series 27 online via the BBC’s website.

Plus in another previous episode, the fifth from Series 29, viewers can watch Paddy introduce his latest creation to Chris and Freddie – an electric ice-cream van for the 21st century, capable of conquering all terrain.

Meanwhile the Express told earlier in the week of how Piers Morgan’s failure to attend Freddie and his team’s epic party after beating Australia to win the 2005 Ashes ranked as one of the worst days of his life – so it seems that the former sporting star’s popularity in the showbiz world remains high.

Fans can read more on Freddie and Paddy’s car antics in this week’s Radio Times magazine.

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