Kim Kardashian Recreated Elle Woods' Harvard Video Essay from 'Legally Blonde' for Halloween

It’s officially Halloween! And that means it’s time for the Kardashians to flood everyone’s Instagram feeds with dozens of costumes that put cat ears to shame. Even though most people started celebrating Halloween last weekend, Kim Kardashian waited until today to reveal her costume, and it was well worth the wait.

This afternoon, Kim took to Instagram to post a few pictures of her Elle Woods Legally Blonde costume—complete with a lil Bruiser Woods—before dropping the greatest remake of all time.

There are plenty of iconic scenes in Legally Blonde, like the bend and snap one, when Elle spits out “ammonium thioglycolate” like it was nothing, and the montage when she shows Warner “how valuable Elle Woods can be.” But nothing compares to her Harvard admissions video essay, which Kim K. recreated and totally nailed.

Like the O.G. Elle did back in 2001, Kim started her video by discussing important issues like how her sorority house’s maintenance staff was going to switch their toilet paper from Charmin to generic (!!!), putting them at risk of chafing. She then moved to recapping Days of Our Lives while floating in a pool and then to using legal jargon like “I object!”

Honestly, you just gotta see how Kim did:

For comparison, here’s how Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon did it:

Kim’s obviously not an actress, but she definitely killed this video and costume. And Reese approves because she posted it on her Instagram Stories and added, “Elle Woods forever!”

Now, I’m not saying that everyone who was going to be Elle tonight should hang up their pink bikinis and blazers…but this will be tough to beat!

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