King Charles Isn't a "Fan" of Buckingham Palace and Won't Move In Until £369 Million Restoration

Welp, looks like King Charles is delaying his inevitable move to Buckingham Palace. A source told The Sunday Times (via Cosmopolitan UK) that Charles is “no fan of ‘the big house’, as he calls the Palace. He doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world. He feels that its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective, is not sustainable.”

So…when is he moving in? Not for a while. Turns out Charles has zero intention on moving in until a major restoration (which is estimated to cost £369 million) is finished. “It is expected that the necessary works will be completed for Their Majesties to take up residence in 2027,” a Buckingham Palace source mused. “In the interim period, the Palace will be fully utilized for official business wherever practicable.”

Another source said that Queen Consort Camilla “doesn’t want to live at Buckingham Palace” at all, and that she and Charles are still chilling at Clarence House. Meanwhile, Charles hopes to open up more of Buckingham Palace to the public, with an insider noting “Charles wants to bring people in to connect with the institution. He recognises it needs to keep evolving, and in the modern era people want to be able to access their Palaces. He embraces that and sees them as public places more than private spaces.”

Just FYI that this whole ~Charles avoiding Buckingham Palace~ thing is pretty much the opposite of what sources previously told the Daily Mail. As one insider put it, “Despite what everybody thinks about him not wanting to live there, he will certainly have accommodation there—but it will be a much more modest flat-above-the-shop situation akin to that of the prime minister at Downing Street…Both the prince and the Duchess of Cornwall are very practical and see that the reigning monarch must live at Buckingham Palace, otherwise it would become like Hampton Court—a visitor attraction rather than a working royal palace.”

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