Kylie Jenner admits she still hasn't finalized the name of her 7-month-old son, plus more news

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby boy is still in name limbo

Seven months after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their second child, the couple has yet to finalize their son’s name. Kylie, who also shares 4-year-old daughter Stormi with Travis, stopped by “The Late Late Show” on Thursday, Sept. 8, with her mom Kris Jenner, and was promptly asked for an update on the Baby Formerly Known as Wolf. “We haven’t officially legally changed the name. His name is still Wolf. His passport’s Wolf, but that isn’t gonna be his name. We’re just waiting,” Kylie told host James Corden. “I mean, how long do we wait?” joked the host. Kris jumped in, too, quipping, “So we’ve been calling him Andy for nothing?” As the audience’s laughter subsided, Kylie reiterated, “We don’t call him Wolf.” Giving it one more try, James asked, “Well, what do you call him?” Kylie wouldn’t budge. “You know …,” she replied, her voice trailing off. After James joked that the reality star can’t call her son “You Know,” Kylie finally admitted they pretty much have a new name, “we’re just not ready to share yet,” adding that it’s still potentially in flux. “Travis likes to sometimes … one day, he’ll be like, ‘Oooh, this name’s kinda cool,’ and change it again,” she said. When Kylie revealed she and her partner “probably” won’t legally change the name “until …,” her mom jumped in again, joking, “He’s 21.” Before giving up on his name quest, James gently told Kylie she and Travis should really “zone in on” a moniker, sparking Kylie to share the only hint she was apparently ready to give up about the whole thing. “We have,” she said. “Is it still an animal?” asked James. “No,” Kylie replied. Joked the host: “There’s a huge exclusive!”

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Andy Cohen tells Hillary Clinton he had an affair with one of her Secret Service agents in the ’90s

Leave it to Andy Cohen to work a juicy angle into a chat with the former Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, sat down with the Bravo honcho on “Watch What Happens Live” this week to promote their new show, “Gutsy.” But Andy soon proved to be the gutsiest one in the room. “I do have to say, every time I see you, Secretary Clinton,” he told Hillary (via Decider), “I think [of how] I had a wonderful liaison with one of your Secret Service agents in the ’90s … when you were first lady.” The former FLOTUS and Secretary of State didn’t even try to pick her jaw up off the floor. “You did?!” Chelsea asked. Alas, Chelsea’s mom wasn’t into hearing the gory details. “TMI! TMI!” she pleaded. “He had wonderful things to say about your entire family,” Andy recalled, “… And I have wonderful things to say about him!”

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Ana de Armas breaks down in tears amid 14-minute long standing ovation for ‘Blonde’

It appears “Blonde” star Ana de Armas and producer Brad Pitt have little reason for concern about their Marilyn Monroe biopic’s reception, after all. Despite early online criticism of Ana’s Cuban accent-tinged portrayal of the silver screen legend, the movie’s premiere this week at the 2022 Venice Film Festival earned a 14-minute long standing ovation that left Ana’s face soaked with tears, according to Variety. Directed by Andrew Dominik and co-starring Adrian Brody (as Marilyn’s onetime beau, Henry Miller), “Blonde” is based on the similarly titled novel by Joyce Carol Oates. As Ana has explained repeatedly in interviews leading up to this week’s premiere, the story focuses on Marilyn’s internal life and the buildup of her frustration about being stifled, if not silenced, over the course of her career. Explaining her approach to the role in a recent interview with L’Officel, the Cuban-Spanish star said, “I was interested in her feelings, her journey, her insecurities and her voice … in the sense that she didn’t have one.”

Queen Elizabeth II was kind of a prankster, according to Daniel Craig and a former bodyguard

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Thursday, Sept. 8, Britain’s longest reigning monarch has been hailed for her decency, steadiness and strong sense of duty. But the 96-year-old sovereign also had a knack for cracking jokes, as evidenced by a pair of resurfaced anecdotes that went viral again in the wake of her death. During a February 2022 appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Daniel Craig was asked about his New Year’s Eve meeting with the queen, when she awarded him the honor of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George for his “outstanding contribution to film.” At one point, Stephen asked what the queen was like in private. “Very funny,” said the James Bond franchise alum. “Very funny .. wants to crack a joke — and crack a joke about me.” Asked to share the queen’s quip, Daniel raised his eyebrows. “We were having our photograph taken,” he said, “and she just went, ‘Oh no, he’s the one that doesn’t smile. The second viral clip features a Sky News interview with the queen’s former protection officer Richard Griffins, as he recalls how the queen once pranked a pair of tourists from the U.S. who didn’t recognize her. Noting that it’s among his “favorite stories from Balmoral,” the queen’s home in Scotland, Richard recalled how he’d sometimes join Elizabeth on “little picnics” near the home. He said they rarely encountered anyone but when they did, “the Queen would always stop and say hello.” One time, however, they stopped to greet two Americans who he said clearly didn’t recognize the queen. They chatted briefly, and the American man told the monarch all about his travel plans. “I could see it coming, and sure enough he said to Her Majesty, ‘and where do you live?'” Richard continued with a laugh. “She said, ‘well, I live in London, but I’ve got a holiday home just the other side of the hills.'” Asked how long she’d been spending time in the region, the queen said, “For over 80 years, since I was a little girl.” According to the former officer, “You could see the cogs turning” in the tourist’s head before he asked if she’d met ever “met the queen.” Laughing again, he continued: “As quick as a flash, she said ‘well I haven’t, but Dickie here meets her regularly.’ So the guy said to me, ‘you’ve met the Queen? What’s she like?’ Because I was with her a long time and I knew I could pull her leg, I said ‘she can be very cantankerous at times, but she’s got a lovely sense of humor.'” The royal and her bodyguard never revealed who she was — even when the tourist handed his camera to Elizabeth and asked for a picture with the bodyguard.

Why Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s children now entitled to prince and princess titles

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s children, will now be able to inherit prince and princess titles, unless their grandfather, the new King Charles III, opts to change the rules of a 1917 edict. In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Thursday, Sept. 8, the Sussex’s 3-year-old son Archie and 1-year-old daughter Lilibet, are entitled to royal titles related to their now being the grandchildren of the sovereign, multiple outlets reported this week. That’s thanks to the late queen’s father, King George V, who ruled in 1917 that any grandchildren of the sovereign may style their names as “His Royal Highness” or “Her Royal Highness” and use prince or princess titles. Although Archie and Lilibet live with their mom and dad in California, following Harry and Meghan’s departure from their senior royal roles, the youngest Sussexes remain sixth and seventh in line for the throne, after Prince William’s kids, George, Charlotte and Louis. Earlier this year, however, the Daily Mail reported William expressed an interest in “streamlining the monarchy,” which he could potentially do by reversing his grandfather’s edict, according to the New York Post. Harry and Meghan have given up using “HRH” titles since relocating and stepping down from their working royal roles.

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