Kylie Jenner not pregnant despite the voice on Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram story

Fans were elated yesterday when it seemed that Kylie Jenner had accidentally announced that she was pregnant.

The rumor all started when Khloe Kardashian, Kylie’s older sister, held an epic (what other kind of party would a Kardashian have?) party for her 35th birthday. While showing off some of the sweet treats the reality star had made for her party, someone in the background could clearly be heard shouting, “I’m pregnant!”

Fans thought it sounded like Kylie Jenner, and were hoping she wouldn’t keep baby number two under wraps for an entire nine months as she did with her daughter, Stormi.

But, Kylie’s reps actually did comment on this story, stating that Kylie Jenner is not pregnant. And when a rep for the Kardashian family denies it, then it’s probably the truth.

While fans are disappointed, it wouldn’t have been completely out of the realm of possibility, especially since Kylie wished her boyfriend a happy birthday by saying she wanted to make another baby with him.

Sources close to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner say that she does want another baby in the future and is enjoying being a mom to her daughter Stormi. But, that future isn’t here just yet.

Another source mysteriously stated that if an announcement were to be made, it didn’t happen at the party. Does that mean someone in the family is pregnant?

We’ll have to stay tuned!

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