Laura Anderson says beau Dane Bowers is ‘set’ on raising family in Dubai as its really good for kids

Laura Anderson has revealed that her boyfriend Dane Bowers is “set” on the pair raising a family in Dubai – where the pair currently live – while Laura insists that she doesn’t mind.

Lara, 32, and Dane, 42, were first romantically involved before Laura went on Love Island, and went on to reunite last year.

The pair now live together in Dubai, and Laura insists that they are “the best they’ve ever been” after their initial break up.

With this in mind, the two are looking forward to the future together – which may involve kids, as well as a possible engagement.

Speaking to OK! Online about the prospect of starting a family and where they’d live, Laura said: “I’m pretty easy, but Dane’s quite set on staying in Dubai. Work wise and stuff, if there were any opportunities that would have either of us in the UK for a longer period of time, then I feel like we can be quite flexible.”

She continued: “I’ve moved around before and I think it’s definitely doable, so I’m quite open minded. I could live anywhere. I’m happy with Dane and we’ve got quite flexible jobs, but I think for now, my sister’s here and I’ve got family and it’s really good for kids, so I’m quite happy to be [in Dubai].”

“I’m quite settled here, I’m not going to lie,” Laura added.

Laura isn’t alone to have relocated to Dubai from the UK and, since she did so before going in the Love Island villa in 2018,a host of other celebs appear to have followed in her footsteps.

“There’s a lot of people come out here and I think it’s because a lot of people from Love Island or any kind of influencer, they’re able to get a lot of freebies,” Laura laughed as she explained what draws people to Dubai.

“There’s a lot going on. We have quite a nice life over here,” she added.

“It’s a really safe, exciting, and up-and-coming place. It’s kind of like Vegas without the gambling – it’s a bit of an adult’s playground.”

As well as talking children with Dane, Laura teased to us thather beau is currently saving for an engagement ring.

“I think maybe what Dane's doing is saving up [for a ring] because I picked such a big one,” Laura told OK!.

“It’s best to be patient because I don’t want a sh*t one,” she went on to quip.

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