Laura Anderson says constant sun exposure on Love Island gave her permanent skin damage

Laura Anderson has said constant sun exposure while filming the 2018 season of Love Island caused permanent damage to her skin.

Taking to Instagram, the former BA flight attendant explained the skin on her face worsened when she stayed in the Majorca villa for two months, claiming that she wasn't "allowed to wear a cap" during the day.

Opening up about how she's dealt with her skin pigmentations and the cruel ageism comments that followed, Laura took to Instagram to share a candid post.

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The 30 year old, who went on a night out with Ellie Brown and Belle Hassan recently, shared a side-by-side photo of herself, with one image clearly showing the many freckles on her face, with a second showing the result of an extreme facial peel.

While she boasted about loving the freckles on her face, she couldn't help but get excited by the reduced pigmentation as a result of having the Dermamelan procedure done by Dr Saleena Zimri.

Speaking about her skin journey, she captioned the photo: "This Topic bares close to my heart. Ive always been a lover of my freckles and complimented daily for their individuality. [sic]

"My fellow freckle friends & followers you’ll understand the struggle living or visiting abroad however. Being based in the Middle East for 8years it was normal for people to say things like ‘Whats wrong with the dots on your face? Or ‘I know of a really good cream you could use’ lol, how kind. [sic]

"Its almost the same as people in London trying to reject my Scottish fivers do one mate! [sic] "

Laura, who recently slammed critics who accused her of having had "surgery" done, continued by hitting out at Love Island as she said: "After 2months of constant sun exposure on the Isle of Love of course, you can imagine I was left with a lot of pigmentation areas (even with our essential factor 50) AND a lot of ageism comments from you lovely lot. [sic]

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"I guess sun damage is usually a skin issue that happens later in life (from all those wee jaunts to the beautiful Benidorm) Ive finally been able to treat my skin with an extreme facial peel called ‘Dermamelan’ (im sure you saw my dramatic stories of my swollen, red, peely face) [sic] ".

She then thanked her doctor for doing such an amazing job and said she'll be continuing to care for her skin from the inside out.

The reality star continued: "We all have our hang ups but for right now I couldn’t be more obsessed with looking after my skin from the inside outI wish I drank more water than irn bru when I was young- thanks dad [sic]

The reality star ended the lengthy message by saying: "Lots of love and I hope everyone on a wee skin journey (or not) can feel ‘happy in their own skin’ as we say".

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