‘Leave Enid Blyton alone you woke w*****s!’ Piers Morgan hits out at children’s author row

GMB: Richard Madeley discusses author Enid Blyton

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Piers Morgan, 56, hit out on social media at “woke w*****s” over an Enid Blyton row. This comes as English Heritage acknowledged children’s author Enid Blyton works have been criticised as “racist and xenophobic”.

The outspoken former Good Morning Britain presenter spoke out against the news in view of his 7.9 million followers.

He penned: “Oh FFS… leave Enid Blyton alone you woke w*****s.”(sic)

Yesterday, it was confirmed English Heritage had updated their page on the children’s author.

This was to include criticism levelled against her work “for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit”.

As well as this, it claimed she was rejected by the Royal Mint for a commemorative coin because the author was “a racist, sexist homophobe and not a very well-regarded writer”.

The charity is making updates to its online blue plaque entries in an effort to provide more context.

However, they have explained how they have no plans to remove the children’s author’s blue plaque in Chessington.

Piers’ comments on the news led to mixed reactions from his followers on Twitter.

Some agreed with his point of view, hitting out at cancel culture.

One penned: “This is what the world has become, every thing is politically correct & pulled apart. (sic)

“In the old days free speech was allowed & if you didn’t like something you moved on & that was the end of it.”

Another wrote: “I read every EB book as a chid in the 70s and early 80s. (sic)

“Gave me a love of reading. I did not turn out racist as a result because I have a brain”

A third added: “We don’t have a time machine to right wrongs but I loved her books.”

However, others were annoyed by what he’d written about the news.

Journalist Benjamin Butterworth wrote: “Enid Blyton had a book refused by her own publisher in *1960* for being racist and xenophobic.

“Why distort reality to fit your agenda?”

Another added: “Nothing woke about it.

“Blytons work has been considered sexist, racist etc since the 1950’s. Nothing new. Non story. (sic)”

“Who you talking to?,” wrote a third follower.

“I have never heard anybody say anything negative about Blyton and I run with a pretty ‘woke’ crowd as you’d look at it.”

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