Liam Payne Says That Zayn Malik "Didn't Even Say Goodbye" When He Left One Direction

Just when you thought that One Direction, aka your favorite boy band of the 2010s, was done talking about how toxic their lives were while they were in the group, spoiler alert: they’re not! Liam Payne just went on the record in (his very nude appearance in) British GQ and admitted that being in One Direction was hard, but Zayn Malik—who infamously left the group first, in case you forgot—probably took it the hardest out of all the guys.

After Liam described his own issues with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety, the interviewer brought up Zayn. Liam claimed that signing up for The X Factor, the show that launched One Direction’s career, gave the contestants little way of knowing if they’re built for fame or not.

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