Lil Nas X Shows Off Diamond Plaque For ‘Old Town Road’

Country-rap superstar Lil Nas X took to Twitter to show off his recently acquired diamond plaque for his award-winning track, “Old Town Road.”

Although the R.I.I.A had certified the song diamond back in October, it’s only now that Lil Nas claimed it.

“Finally got the plaque. What do you guys think?” he wrote alongside a picture of himself standing side-by-side with the plaque, which is nearly as tall as him.

In the picture, he appears to have been standing in Quincy Jones‘ basement, where the latter stores the awards and accolades that he has garnered over the years.

His fans responded to the post by reminding him of the fact that he had promised to gift his followers “a copy of phineas & ferb season 3 on blu ray” when the song goes diamond. Whether or not he will keep his word is yet to be seen.

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