Lisa Armstrong likes tweets calling Ant McPartlin ‘s****y and spineless’

Lisa Armstrong hasn't been commenting on her divorce from Ant McPartlin, but has been liking a series of tweets in which other people do.

The makeup artist, 43, liked a post that called her ex "s****y and spineless" after her broke up with her and began dating her friend Anne-Marie Corbett.

The tweet read: "I bet the money means nothing in some respects, it certainly can't buy the respect she deserves or make up for the s****y spineless way he scurried off & tried to silence her.

"Whatever the sum is I'm sure it will be put to much better use & I wish her all the best."

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Lisa, who works on Strictly Come Dancing, also liked tweets in which people praised the way she was handling the difficult situation.

One tweet said: "Get what you can! You deserve it! Terrible treatment of you since you found out when we did! And with a so called friend! It's heartbreaking behaviour."

"@lisaAmakeup always kept classy that's why people like her," another read.

A third said: "No amount of money could ever compensate for what this poor girl has had to endure."

Mirror Online has contacted reps for Lisa, while Ant's publicist declined to comment.

Reports have suggested that Lisa was handed a £31million pay out as part of the divorce deal.

She's also said to be keeping the £5 million mansion in West London where they lived together as a couple.

However, Lisa has denied the claims and branded the reports "nonsense".

Lisa and Ant were happily together for 23 years; they were married in 2006 and announced their break-up in 2018.

The pair got a divorce in a 30-second hearing last October.

It was claimed their relationship crumbled because of Ant's battle with alcohol, their gruelling work schedules and the couple growing apart from each other.

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