Lizzo Says She 100 Percent Heard From Drake About That "Rumors" Lyric

So, Lizzo went ahead and stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to chat about her new song “Rumors,” and honestly you need to watch immediately because her and Niall Horan’s vibes are all kinds of amazing. (Sorry, forgot to mention, Niall Horan is guest hosting for Jimmy Kimmel at the moment.)

Anyway, Niall wasted no time asking Lizzo if Drake had reached out about the line “No, I ain’t f*ck Drake yet” and it turns out he definitely has.

“There’s a lyric in the song—’No, I ain’t fuck Drake yet.’ Do explain,” Niall said, to which Lizzo replied “Okay, so the original line was, ‘No, I ain’t fuck Niall yet.’ But the label said it was a little bit provocative. So I changed it to Drake, a safer bet.”

Niall then asked if Drake had heard about this, and Lizzo answered “I think he’s heard the number four song in the country,” adding “Actually, I have heard from Drake. But that’s all I’m gonna say on that.”

Um, amazing, watch the full interview above, and note it also features Lizzo and Niall playing a game in which he asks her a bunch of questions including “Question number one is, if we get married, would you make me sign a prenup?”

Lizzo’s answer? “Wait a minute, who got more money? Because I’m like, I want some of that One Direction money!”

Truly same.

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