Louis Tomlinson Ballparks Release Date For Debut Album

Louis Tomlinson just gave fans a date to look forward to for his debut album!

In a new interview about his music with Idolator, the 27-year-old “Kill My Mind” singer revealed that the top of next year is when fans should be expecting his album.

“I’m done! I’m finally finished recording the album thank f***,” Louis shared about where he was in recording the album. “That took f***ing ages.”

He added that he’s “probably got another two or three more singles after ‘Kill My Mind.’ So the album’s probably going to be out early next year. I’ll be relieved the day the album is out, I can’t wait for that day.”

Louis continued that it’s been a long time coming for him and for fans.

“It’s been two or three years in the making and when I was in One Direction, we were literally putting out an album once a year,” he says. “It does feel like a long time for me but I’ll feel really proud when I get it out. I’ve been quite meticulous with it. I’m really excited to hear the feedback.”

We can’t wait to hear it!

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