Love Islands Anna Vakili gives update after being rushed to hospital with mystery rash

Anna Vakili has offered concerned fans an update after being rushed to the hospital with a mystery rash.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Monday night, the former Love Island star, who recently said she almost "got arrested" in Iran for wearing tight jeans, shared a series of snaps of the blotchy skin all over her arms, legs, chest and back.

Admitting that she felt like her body was "on fire", the 31 year old said she went to the hospital to diagnose the rash, but doctors are yet to figure out what is the cause is.

Anna shared an image of her neck and chest, writing: "So many DMs, thank u for all the messages. Came to hospital to get it checked because it's spreading, keep u updated." [sic]

After having returned home, she shared a video for her hoards of Instagram followers, saying that she still did not know what had caused the rash.

Anna wrote: "Thank you everyone that sent me a message telling me they've had it or what they think it is. I was actually trying to read most of them while I was waiting in hospital.

"But I went in to see the doctor, and honestly this is why I hate going to the doctors because I feel like most of them are so s**t. As soon as I walked in, he didn't even look at the rash, straight away he said, 'we're not good at rashes here."

Anna continued: "He had a look, did tests… I don't have a temperature, my throat looked OK, my breathing was OK, and he was like 'I don't know what it is, I honestly don't know'."

Attempting to figure out the diagnosis for herself, the television personality added that she hadn't taken any antibiotics, eaten anything news and was at home when the rash developed.

"But anyway, I basically told the doctor to prescribe me some stronger antihistamines and some steroids, so I'm going to take a short course of steroids and antihistamines, and hopefully, it will go because it's horrible," she concluded.

It's been a tough time as of late for Anna, who recounted her near-arrest in Iran for wearing "non-Islamic" clothes.

She recalled how she was "dragged" into a police van and that her family fought to save her from going to custody.

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