Love Islands Dami and Andrew will stray – Shaughna Phillips Casa Amor predictions

Former Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips has exclusively revealed her predictions of this series’ instalment of Casa Amor.

The 28 year old, who famously endured a particularly tough time during Casa Amor on the sixth series of the ITV2 show, revealed to OK! what she thinks will unfold during this week’s edition of Let’s Chat, Hun on Instagram Live.

“Casa Amor is the best week of Love Island, but it is traumatising,” she said.

“It’s like every girl that’s ever had a boyfriend go on a lad’s holiday, it’s basically like watching what they get up to, but as a viewer we love to watch it.”

Shaughna also pointed to this series being different to previous instalments due to how the series began with the public vote.

“I feel like this Love Island is very different to all other Love Island's and I think it stems from the couples being chosen by the public, so I just don’t feel like they have loyalty to each other,” she explained.

“It makes it perfect for us to watch as viewers, because I genuinely don’t think I’d be that shocked if any of their heads turned.”

So, what does Shaughna predict for all our established couples as we enter Casa Amor week?

Here’s what she had to say:

Danica and Jay

“I literally want every guy to want Danica. I want her to have her pick of the bunch because she deserves it… I’m really looking forward to seeing her flourish. I want to sit back and enjoy it.”

“I think she liked Josh. I liked their chemistry, but I liked how she said he needs to graft. And he really isn’t right now. I think he’s playing it very cool, but that’s something I don't think you can do in Casa Amor. You’re in there for such a short time and you literally need to break up couples, so you can’t go in there and play it cool.”

Paige and Jacques

“I literally change my opinion on Jacques every episode. Sometimes I’m like, ‘100% he’s all for Paige, he’s just a bit shy to open up’, but then other times I just don’t know. He’s a player, but players can fall in love, maybe he’s fallen in love… but I’m not sure yet.”

“I do think that Paige is smitten with him, but what I like about Paige and what I didn’t do and I wish I did do, is she’s open to getting to know people, she’s still flirting, she’s still playing the game – and I like that. I think that keeps Jacques on his toes, and I think all the girls have a bit of about them and that’s perfect.”

Tasha and Andrew

“I think Tasha will stray, but I won’t hold it against her. I don’t see them two together. I see Andrew with someone different and I see her with someone different. I really did think that Tasha and Charlie were a good match… I think they were a gorgeous couple, and I think that may have put a little bit of doubt in her mind. Obviously they’ve had the two public votes where they’ve not done too well in, but I like Tasha. I don’t know who’s in there for her though. She could have her pick of the bunch, but I don’t know who I’d put her with.”

During Sunday’s episode, we also saw Andrew being told by the Casa Amor girls that Tasha hadn’t been treating him well.

“I think that’s opened the door for Andrew now, but the only thing is, it’s opened the door for Andrew but Tasha is completely unaware that the conversation happened… so there could be a possibility that she comes back being faithful.”

Gemma and Luca

“[Luca] is probably the most smitten in the villa out of everyone and I’ve got to say about Gemma, she has 100% grown on me. The first week, I thought she was a little bit quiet, cagey… but she’s just a mature girl. What I think that’s different between her and Tasha is she has Luca telling her constantly I’m obsessed with you, elephant juice, and she’s like, ‘I don’t want to get into a relationship in a villa, I’m really happy with you but if someone comes in who is better suited I might explore it’.

“I don’t expect her head to turn, but it could, and I don’t see Luca’s head turning at all.”

Indiyah and Dami

“Indiyah is lovely, and I think if she saw how [Dami] was behaving, she would be out there like no man’s business. I like Deji though, and I think he’s caught her eye, but I think she’s just a loyal girl and it worries me that she might go back and he’ll be standing there with someone else.

“I definitely feel like if [Dami] did that to her, even if she liked him, she wouldn’t go back because of her own pride, which I wouldn’t judge her for.”

Ekin-Su and Davide

“I don’t think Ekin-Su’s head’s gonna turn because she has this huge thing with age, and the oldest boy in there is 25. Being 27, it’s a big change, so I don’t think she’s gonna sway, purely because I don’t think there’s anyone there that she likes.”


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