Love Island’s Laura Anderson gets breast reduction and warns against cosmetic surgery claiming ‘girls are their own worst enemy’ – EXCLUSIVE

She wowed us on Love Island 2018, and now Scottish beauty Laura Anderson has wowed us again with her complete openness towards cosmetic surgery and its impressionable nature.

Laura, 30, recently decided to dramatically reduce the size of her breasts after her boob job, aged 18, made it difficult for her to wear certain clothes and exercise.

The blonde bombshell, a former air-hostess, reached out to her 1.5 million Instagram followers to find a surgery that would aid with her boob reduction and she eventually came across The Private Clinic, where Dr Navid Jallali completed Laura’s surgery.

Laura has now candidly opened up about her body and told OK! online exclusively that she doesn’t want to promote surgery because she’s “learnt that fashion changes but your body doesn’t need to.”

“I got my boobs done when I was 18 years old. I did it without telling my parents. But I’ve got a breast reduction because they caused me a bit of pain, they really were too big and it’s difficult to get clothes because my actual body is maybe a 6 but with my boobs I have to get maybe a 10.

“You end up looking bigger than you want to and that kind of fashion with big boobs has gone out of the window,” Laura said.

The Love Island finalist was also quick to share her thoughts on today’s trend of cosmetic surgery.

Laura said: “Fashion should be about clothes and not really your body. All these things now, they’re so accessible. The amount of messages I get from proper clinics out there, messaging me every day on Instagram asking if I want surgery, and I think what, just because I have a big following you want to use me.

“With surgery, no matter what age you are, you need to realise how much of a permanent thing it is.

“I kind of wish I’d never got my boobs done in the first place. With my reduction the clinic were amazing and they were really honest with what I could achieve with my breast reduction, but I didn’t actually get to achieve 100% what I wanted and I still feel they’re too big.”

Laura continued: “The quick fixes always have repercussions. Anything in life is worth having but you have to work really hard for it.

“If you want a big bum just go to the gym and then it’ll be worth it. Whereas these quick fixes can have all sorts of after problems. Just wear a padded bra, boys don’t even care.”

Laura also claimed girls are their “own worst enemy,” and said: “I don’t think people realise that surgery really isn’t glamorous, and you need to weigh up whether it’s worth it.

“The doctor asked me if I care what I look like naked or if I care what I look like in clothes. And I care more about what I look like in clothes because whoever I’m with is surely going to love me for whatever.

“But now I do look at my scar and I’m like ugh, gross. But it’ll fade.”

Laura had to find the records from her 18-year-old boob job to find out how much she could get her boobs reduced.

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The gorgeous star from Scotland is really happy with her decision however and urged people to really consider surgery before they go ahead with it.

Laura said: “Some people don’t see the other side of surgery. Especially with boob jobs because they’ve been around for so long. In ten years time people will be more inclined to get bum jobs because they’ve been around for longer but it doesn’t mean to say the dangers 100% disappear because they don’t.

“Not a lot of people share the bad stuff.”

Laura, who is believed to be dating The Bachelor hunk Alex Marks, is also bringing out her own hair extension range named LA Lox, which will launch within the next month.

The reality star has decided to bring out the range to show girls who look up to social media stars that the looks they see are achievable.

Of the range, Laura said: “I wanted to share the message that what you see online isn’t unachievable. Everyone’s got fake hair and people lie about it and they don’t want people to know they’ve got fake hair and I understand that but I’m like I don’t care.

“We tell our girlfriends we’ve got hair extensions but we don’t with guys because guys seem to hate them don’t they, and all my boyfriends always hated extensions but I’m like well you go and get your hair transplant and have your sun bed or contour your beards.

“We’ve grown up with Disney characters making us feel like we have to have long luscious locks, and I wanted to create a really glamorous look in the most natural way possible.”

Laura also has her own nail range with SOSU by SJ.

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