Love Islands Paige lied to family that shes on work trip after applying while drunk

Love Island’s Paige Thorne has confessed she’s only on the show thanks to a boozy night.

The 24-year-old paramedic filmed her audition video while drunk – and only found the guts to send it while nursing a hangover the next morning.

Speaking to OK! ahead of entering the famous villa in Mallorca, Paige said: “I was literally lying in bed and did the video the night before, my little audition thing, but I didn’t send it because I was thought it was so cringey and it wasn’t going to get me anywhere – it’s so embarrassing!

“But then I woke up still a bit drunk after the night before and I thought I’ll just send it and see what happens. I just did it on a whim.”

Her seized opportunity paid off when Paige became the first cast member confirmed for the nation’s favourite dating show, which returns next week for its eight series.

Paige was driven to make her drunken application after struggling to meet the right person in her small town of Swansea, which has a population of 246,000.

"Basically Swansea is so small everyone just knows each other and is in each other’s business – it’s just not the vibe,” she says. “The boys there just aren’t a vibe.”

Revealing the cheesiest chat up line her job as a paramedic – which she tells us she has quit to join the show – has served her, she adds: “They sometimes say, ‘Oh my God, I’ll have to call myself an ambulance, I’ve stopped breathing and I need mouth to mouth.” I just feel sick of that chat! It’s not a good chat-up line, people need to stop.

“I’ll definitely be going back to work as a paramedic. This is so cliche… but I’m a people’s person and I love the elderly. I couldn’t think of not doing that as my career and my job, so I’ll definitely be going back.”

When Paige broke the news to her parents that she was entering Love Island, her mum offered a word of caution: “She told me to make sure I don’t show my fiery side too much and I’m like, ‘hmm, I promise!’

“Obviously I won’t be on my worst behaviour. My dad did have reservations at first but he hasn’t watched the show so he doesn’t know what it’s about. He’s come round though. My brothers had no idea. I just told them I was going away with work.”

Having watched real friendships blossom between ex contestants from Maura Higgings and Molly Mae to Samira Knighty and Montana Brown, Paige says she’s most excited at the prospect of meeting a true friend for life. Meanwhile, her biggest fear about appearing on the show is being the girl who gets friendzoned by the men if nobody fancies her.

What if I go in and I’m not anyone’s type or I just friend zoned the whole time? I’m meant to be on Love Island but I’m on Friend Island! That’s my worry, I don’t want to be in that situation. I’ve got no chat or flirtation techniques so I’m really hoping the guys bring it.”

To date, Paige said there hasn’t been a previous Islander that has been her type on paper that ticks every box – and is looking for someone who can dominate her. Have you seen 365 Days with Massimo? Well I’m looking for a bit of Massimo – maybe without the murdering! So just the dominative side.

However, she said she won’t be elbowing her rivals out the way to get noticed and will be keeping a lookout for any red flags.

“If I have to step on toes to get a guy then he’s probably not worth getting,” she says. “If he’s not attracted to me and not wanting to get to know me and I’ve got to pine for him then he’s not the guy for me.”

“A guy that always slates his ex and says all their exes are crazy – that’s a massive red flag.”

On what gives her the ick, she says: “A guy that has skinnier legs than me, also long fingernails. And when someone accidentally gets something stuck in their teeth. I love full facial hair and a bit of a dad belly – as long as they’ve got muscly arms I’m on board.

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