Love Islands Tyler Cruickshank says theres no bad blood between him and ex Kaz Kawmi

Love Island starTyler Cruickshankhas opened up about how he’s been following his break up from fellow islanderKaz Kawmi, and insists that there’s “no bad blood” between them.

The pair met on the hit ITV reality show, butcalled time on their relationship just three months after leaving the villa.

In a joint statement released in December, the pair said: “We are extremely sad to announce that we have decided to end our romantic relationship.

"We have had a fantastic journey and we will always have a special bond between us.

"We will continue to be very much in one another's lives and support each other in every way."

Nearly three months on from going their separate ways, Tyler said he does not “have a bad word” to say about his former flame, and told OK! that their break up was “mutual”.

Giving an update on how he’s doing since their split, Tyler said: “I’ve been better. When I was going through the break up it was a tough time, and it was in the public eye as well so it’s almost as though especially for a male you have to put on a brave face.”

“I’m in a much better space now,” he added. “I’m fully focused on myself and what I’m doing in terms of being successful.”

Discussing the end of their relationship, Tyler went on: “It was mutual and a clean break. We still speak every now and again there wasn’t any bad blood or anything like that.

“I’ve not got a bad word to say about her. It just didn’t work out.”

In the wake of their break up, Tyler has been subjected to online abuse; something which he’s previously revealed took a toll on his mental health.

Breaking his silenceearlier this month, the 26 year old toldThe Sun: "I didn’t understand why there was so much pressure on me and Kaz to be the perfect couple.

"They liked us so much to get us to the final but then you’re bombarded with all this hatred. It was weird to come out and see all that abuse.

"Ultimately it ended up tearing us down."

Despite this, Tyler said to us that he doesn't regret going on the programme as he “knew what he signed up for”.

While he knew this, he admitted that he “wasn’t ready for the magnitude of how much [his] life would be under the microscope”.

“That took some getting used to,” Tyler said. “I’m used to it now, to a certain degree. But I wouldn’t say I regret going on the show.”

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