Mackenzie Sandifers New Look Gets Roasted on Instagram: Shes Trying to Be Chelsea Houska!

Mackenzie Standifer has been back in the news this week — and she probably has mixed feelings about that.

Standifer is a business owner, so she’s probably somewhat happy about all the free the publicity.

But she would likely prefer that the attention she received from Teen Mom fans was a bit more positive.

It all began earlier this month, when a piece on Mackenzie from UK tabloid The Sun revealed that she’s supporting Ryan Edwards, who is apparently still unemployed.

Ryan and his family were fired from Teen Mom OG over a year ago, but he’s apparently been too busy to look for a job.

Busy with what? 

Well, that’s anybody’s guess, but the good news is that Ryan hasn’t been arrested in the 12 months since his TV career came to an end.

Mackenzie works in marketing and has been running her own fitness company, which she frequently promotes on Instagram.

She also gets paid for the sponsored content that she posts on her page.

So quitting social media isn’t really an option for Standifer …

… And that’s a shame, because she’s getting absolutely savaged in the comments on her most recent posts.

Mackenzie has been showing off a new look this week, and the response from her followers has been rather mixed.

Some folks love her darker hair and trimmed-down physique.

Others — well, not so much.

Mackenzie earned some unflattering comparisons to the most popular Teen Mom of them all, Chelsea Houska, with some alleging that she’s been copying the South Dakota native’s style.

“Is she trying to be Chelsea?” one commenter asked, according to The Sun.

“Wait… this was… on purpose?!” another asked asked.

“Definitely. A super weird ~influencer~ trend,” a third chimed in.

“Is Chelsea the goal for all these chicks?” a fourth commenter asked.

Other commenters were less interested in comparing Mackenzie to Chelsea than in simply bashing her outright:

“I hate the way her ends look,” one person opined on Reddit.

Another suggested that Mackenzie’s new hair color made her “look 45.” 

“It’s baffling she’s still in her early 20s. Life with Ryan is aging her badly,” one redditor wrote.

And then there were the folks who compared Mackenzie to a broom.

The comparison between Mack and the cleaning implement on the left really took off with snarky redditors.

“Mackenzie and her vehicle,” one commenter wrote.

Another brought things full circle by commenting on the broom pic and comparing Mackenzie to Chelsea.

“Is a black broom like that a thing? Seems like something Chelsea would own,” this person wrote.

“She has three,” another commenter joked.

Yes, Mackenzie probably didn’t miss being on the receiving end of this sort of commentary.

Thankfully, some commenters defended Standifer’s new look.

“I think she looks great,” one person commented.

“I’m probably in the minority — I like her new look,” another added.

Hey, at least Mackenzie can take some solace in the fact that many viewers consider Chelsea to be the most stylish of all the Teen Moms!

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