Mama June Says She's Split with Geno Doak

Mama June has split from Geno Doak, the man she was arrested with for crack cocaine possession a couple years back, and she says he’s been out of her life for awhile now.

June’s breakup news comes on the heels of Geno being sentenced to 16 months in his drug case, and was revealed during a live convo June had with her friend on social media.

During the chat, June’s friend said, “Listen, Geno is not in the f***in’ picture.” June adds that if people want to know what Geno’s doing they can check his Instagram, but insists he’s “not part of my life, hasn’t been.”

It’s unclear when the now-exes broke up, but we know earlier this year June vowed to win her family back following her arrest with Geno and her struggles with addiction.

We haven’t actually seen June and Geno together in quite some time either … so perhaps this explains why.

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