Marnie Simpson ‘ready for another baby’ despite severe bladder condition

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Despite her previous pregnancy leaving her 'bed bound for weeks' due to aggravating the severe bladder condition she suffered from before falling pregnant, Marnie Simpson is desperate for another baby. And she and fiance Casey have vowed to welcome another child by the end of 2022.

A source revealed: “She’s got a few TV projects in the pipeline for the next few months but she and Casey have said they'll start trying early next year and hope to welcome a baby by the end of 2022.'

Marnie's life changed forever when she was diagnosed with a severe urinary tract infection in 2016 the symptoms of which were severely aggravated by her pregnancy. Because of the worry surrounding her health, the former Geordie Shore star, 29, and her former popstar boyfriend Casey, 26, have said they'll stop after one more child.

“Marnie has said only one more baby due to her bladder condition,” the source explained. “She suffered a lot so she can’t put her body through multiple pregnancies, but she’s willing to do it for one more baby.'

Despite her previous partying reputation, Marnie was overjoyed to welcome baby Rox in 2019, calling him the 'light of her life'. As she is only planning to have one more child, understandably Marnie and Casey would be keen for a baby girl so that they have one of each.

But Marnie has told sources that, of course, she would be happy with either a girl or a boy. “To have one of each would be great, especially as she feels this would be her last baby. But she would be equally happy with another boy.”

As well as planning on expanding their family, Marnie and Casey are also planning to walk down the aisle and finally get married soon.

They have previously had to postpone their wedding due to the restrictions of the pandemic but now they want to get married as soon as possible, even if that means Marnie being a pregnant bride.

“Marnie doesn’t care if she’s pregnant at her wedding. Her wedding is just one day. She’s most excited about marrying Casey and expanding their family together.”

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