Martin Roberts hits out at Government’s advice on schools ‘Can’t get my head around it’

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Martin Roberts, 57, exclusively told that he can’t get his “head around” why it was ok for adults to be allowed to socialise, while many school-age children have remained at home for a prolonged period. For young people in their most “pivotal years” at school, the DIY expert claimed the academic and social impact of the recent school closures could be detrimental.

They have missed out

Martin Roberts

Martin said of the school closures: “I can’t get my head around why it’s ok for us (adults) to be going out, ok to be going to restaurants, and yet they (the government) found the logistics to be difficult for reopening schools.

“I know they will say it’s coming to the end of term, but realistically they could have gone back and had four weeks, just to get their head around saying bye to their friends. 

“You know my kids are not at a pivotal year, but for those kids who were ending school, or ending primary school, you know they have missed out on all that stuff.

“All the social things, all the sports, the school plays, it’s really really tough. I’m sure the government are trying to juggle lots of things,” he added.

The DIY expert said that he is not alone in this sentiment, and that “most parents” would agree that there was confusion as to why children did not go back into classrooms sooner.

He continued: ”I think most parents are saying they don’t quite understand why the kids didn’t go back. 

“Yet there are probably parents who would say we don’t want to send them back yet anyway because I think there is still a lot of fear out there. 

“My kids have been off since March and I don’t think they will go back until September. I mean, it’s a crazy crazy time.“

Schools were initially closed in March due to the pandemic, and although some classes including year 6 were able to return in July, all school age children have been urged by Boris to return next month.

Of his own children, the TV presenter said:” You know they seem alright, I feel for any kids that live in harder circumstances, whose parents are really struggling.

“Or those that are inner-city living, it will have been truly terrible for a lot of children. We don’t know the damage that’s caused and we won’t know for years. 

“Which is why I’m so passionate about getting this (children’s self help) book out, so at least they can recognise that lots of people have struggled and it’s ok to get help.”

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Elsewhere, Martin has been providing his expert opinion on all things to do with renovating properties on BBC hit series Homes Under The Hammer since 2003.

Away from his working life, the 56-year-old is married to Kirsty Roberts and the couple shares two children Megan and Scott.

During the recent lockdown, he spent increasing amounts of time in his household, and recently had to get something off his “chest”.

On Twitter, he confessed to binge-watching hit American musical sitcom Glee.

Martin shared a photo of himself clutching the boxset of the popular series on his account.

He wrote: “It’s confession Wednesday. I’m working my way through the boxed set of GLEE with my daughter. Never saw it the first time around and it’s brilliant. There you go. Off my chest. What’s your confession?”(sic)

The presenter has also been taking time out to help raise funds for the NSPCC and shared a picture of himself reading his children’s book Sadsville online.

The Sadsville book is written to support the NSPCC and Childline who have been invaluable supporting children up and down the country during this time.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays on BBC One at 10.45am.

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