Meghan Markle fans point out Rebel Wilson jibe prior to cold meeting

Australian comedian Rebel Wilson, 43, poked fun at the Duchess of Sussex following her 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey while she was hosting the BAFTA Awards last year. Dressed in a very sparkly red sequin dress as she took to the stage, she chuckled: “Our next package is for Outstanding British Film.

Days earlier, during an interview on This Morning, Rebel playfully pounced again.

In front of host Alison Hammond, she poked fun at the West Side Story track ‘America’, featuring the lyrics: “I like to be in America.”

“Harry and Meghan’s theme song,” she chuckled, in a reference to her decision to leave the UK with Harry in favour of California.

Rebel claimed last week that Meghan had been icy towards her, sparking some fans to ask online whether Rebel had already “forgotten” the time she’d made jokes about her.

Rebel said she was first introduced to Prince Harry and fellow former working royal Meghan through mutual friends, but the couple weren’t quite the way she’d expected.

At the time of the meeting, however, Rebel believes it was her mother who might have raised hackles, blaming Australian culture.

“My mum, being Australian, asked her all these slightly rude questions like, ‘Where are your kids?'” she cringed.

“Maybe that’s why she was like, ‘Who are these annoying convicts from Australia?'”

Rebel continued while chatting to host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live: “I’m like, ‘Mum, don’t ask her that!'”

She explained that while Harry “couldn’t have been nicer”, Meghan “wasn’t as naturally warm” – but fans thought they knew why.

Taking to Twitter, one exclaimed: “Rebel is admitting her mother was openly trolling Meghan and she scoffed that Meghan should be warm and inviting after invasive and inappropriate questions from a stranger!”

Another chimed in: “Rebel Wilson spoke ill of Meghan at the BAFTAs – then expected her to be warm and friendly?”

“Rebel Wilson, you seem like a smart girl. And hosting the BAFTAs is a big deal, and likely memorable as host. Don’t remember what you said?” a third quizzed.

Others argued that Rebel’s mother could more politely have framed her question as “How are your kids?” instead of asking where they were.

Meanwhile, in other news, the star welcomed her first child via surrogate last November.

Now four months old, she has announced she will be giving baby girl Royce “all the love imaginable”.

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