Meghan Markle’s plans for 2020 and how she’s plotting to put last year behind her

2019 was a mixed bag for The Royal Family. Mostly, it was twelve months to forget. For Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry though, it was a year of both ups and downs.

The couple welcomed their first child into the world, of course. That was a huge pleasure for both of them. Archie Harrison was born in May and no doubt provided many – if not all – of their year’s personal highlights. But there were a fair few lowlights too.

Tabloid speculation and criticism from some corners over their lifestyle choices and outspoken ways took some of the shine off 2019. Especially for Meghan. She’s determined to focus on more positive matters this year, though. According to one man in the know, that is…

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Royal expert Omid Scobie exclusively told us here at OK!: “Last year was the year of major milestones – the September issue of Vogue, launching the Smart Set capsule collection and taking on more patronages, two from the Queen herself – but it was also a year where she learnt just how difficult it is to be a duchess and experienced heavy criticism.”

“It has been hard for her, but she will now be putting the darker moments behind her and focusing on all the positives in her life and what she can achieve in the new year.”

Harper’s Bazaar’s Royal editor-at-large Omid continues: “The difficulties they experienced in 2019 made them stronger than ever as they’ve taken on everything together. Harry has really taken on the role of protector of his wife and son. The trip meant Meghan and Harry were able to genuinely switch off and recharge. It was the first time they got to spend time as a family of three uninterrupted.”

“The trip gave her and Harry time to focus on the most important things in life,” Omid goes on. “When they return to work, we’ll see them with a renewed energy as a result and they’ll be safeguarding their mental health more.”

There’s been plenty of speculation that the couple could even move away from Britain. Could they be heading to Canada? Omid sees the appeal for Meghan and Harry, but doesn’t think it’s going to happen in 2020.

“It’s a safe place for the couple; they were able to go unnoticed there for a while. It’s an important place for Meghan and she has family and friends there. It’s also part of the Commonwealth. We’ll see them take on more work there, perhaps even a tour, but I don’t think they are house-hunting yet.”

The couple’s new fundraising venture could well take up a significant portion of Meghan’s year.

“They are going to be focusing on launching the Sussex Royal Foundation and making it completely their own franchise. Meghan will focus on working on what she achieved in 2019 and begin to launch a lot of new initiatives from the second quarter of the year."

"Meghan likes to do ‘firsts’, and we will see this continue. She likes to jump into a project, see the results very quickly and then move on to the next. Meghan and Harry plant the seeds, but want them to continue to grow without their aid so they can make as much impact as possible.”

Omid thinks 2020 could see Meghan attempt to disengage from the media somewhat: “Meghan will be avoiding reading too much about herself and will let it be background noise. Harry does like to read what’s going on, but they will both be trying to drown it out.”

They’ll be a big birthday party in May though, of course… Archie’s first birthday on May 6th will see plenty of celebration. “We would expect a big party for his first birthday because of the baby shower, but their home life is very low-key. They are 'indoorsy' people so it is likely to be a very quiet affair at home,” says Omid.

There are no plans for another baby or pregnancy in the next year, though. Not according to our source. “Harry has said they are open to having two children, but I don’t think that’s a priority for them right now. They have a packed schedule in 2020, but if it happened it would be a wonderful surprise.”

Will she seek to make up with her father Thomas Markle? A reconciliation in 2020 seem unlikely, claims Omid. “There is no chance of anything changing between Meghan and her father. She closed the door on that chapter.”

Meghan’s biggest wish for 2020…? “I would imagine it is for her family to be safe and protected from negativity. There have been tests for Meghan in 2019 and no doubt she will want to put those behind her and focus on what matters most.”

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