Melania Trump Struggles & Fails To Cut Ribbon At Reopening Of Washington Monument — Watch

Oops! First Lady Melania Trump had some trouble cutting a ribbon during a ceremony at the Washington Monument, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Oops! First Lady Melania Trump ran into a little snafu during a September 19 ceremony to reopen the Washington Monument in DC, when her giant scissors just wouldn’t cut the ribbon. The first lady, 49, was visibly struggling with the shears, repeatedly attempting to cut the red, white, and blue ribbon. But luckily, someone off camera got the job done. Surrounded by local fourth graders from Amidon Bowen Elementary School in Washington, DC, schools, the first lady smiled and laughed with the kids before heading to the iconic monument. Melania, wearing a white Prada dress, was also joined by members of the Interior Department at the event, including Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Rob Wallace, as well as acting National Park Service Director Dan Smith.

Scroll down to see video of Melania’s ribbon-cutting moment, as well as a pic of it happening. The Washington Monument has been closed for three years for maintenance and repairs to its structure and elevator. The first lady and the kids excitedly took the elevator all the way to the top to take in the view. Don’t worry; there was no Spider-Man: Homecoming incident to be had. They all gave her a huge group hug at the end of the event. This isn’t the first time that Melania’s run into trouble this month, actually. She drew attention on 9/11 for wearing a coat that featured an unfortunate detail on the back.

After Melania, and her husband, President Donald Trump, tweeted out an image honoring the victims of September 11, Twitter users were quick to point out that the button flap on the back of her coat looked a little peculiar. Some claimed that the flap looked like a tower or skyscraper — and that the button to the side allegedly appeared to be something flying into it. This would obviously be the worst day possible to wear such a thing, even if it wasn’t a malicious or intentional clothing choice.

The White House responded to the accusations, with Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham simply saying that “it’s ridiculous.”

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