Michael B. Jordan WON Valentine's Day By Renting Out An ENTIRE Aquarium For Lori Harvey!

Apologies to all the straight men whose wives and girlfriends are about to read this.

In addition to being rich, famous, ripped, and just the hottest guy ever, it turns out Michael B. Jordan also has an amazing sense of romance!

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The Black Panther star absolutely won Valentine’s Day by renting out an entire aquarium for new girlfriend Lori Harvey! The fledgling couple got to tour the facility and see the sea turtles all on their own — and then walk through this magical underwater dreamscape:


But that walk to remember wasn’t the end! There was also a candle-lit dinner…

Rose petals and candles everywhere back home — including all over the bed…

Oh, and in case you were wondering whether there was a gift in addition to the experience? Oh yes.

Not a Hermes bag. He bought her Hermes STOCK! That’s a gift that keeps giving — from a man who wants you to succeed!

Like we said, this definitely puts all the other guys out there to shame. And if you have a story that beats this, we have GOT to hear it! Let us know in the comments (below)!

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