Michael Bublé opens up in tough video as he leaves wife and kids

Michael Buble talks about his son Noah on The One Show

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Michael Bublé, 47, was on the verge of tears as he spoke to his three million Instagram followers this morning. The Grammy winner has become known for his comical and goofy social media posts over recent months, but this sharp turn in tone saw the star admitting how hard it is to leave his family for work.

The dad-of-four left his Argentinian home this morning as he heads out on his Higher world tour.

He has only spent a few months at home since ending his An Evening with Michael Bublé tour, which was postponed due to Covid-19 and only ended in mid-2022.

However, this time round, with his fourth child just six months old, Michael is finding it a bit harder to leave home.

As he made his way to the airport, Michael updated his fans from the car, donning a casual black T-shirt and Vans cap as tears filled his eyes.

He gingerly shared: “Hey everybody. Just left the house on the way to the airport and it’s really tough leaving my wife and kids.”

The Feeling Good singer declared he had become used to just “being dad” every day and had enjoyed “every second”, but wanted just a bit more time at home.

He continued: “It got me to thinking about all you beautiful people who get up and leave and travel far and just spend long days away from your kids.

“I know it’s hard. It sucks and I’m with you.

“I love doing what I do and I love doing it for you and I’m sure when I get to you you’ll bring me out of my funk. I’m on my way to Lisbon.”

Getting a bit more emotional, the award-winning singer added: “I just want to tell you today, go give your kids a hug and a big kiss.

“Squeeze ‘em and enjoy every single second because it goes too fast.

“Thank you for being in my life and letting me show my kids that it’s important to be fulfilled in your job too and that that’s okay.

“I love you guys. See you out there, bye.”

The Canadian star shares his four children, Noah, 9, Elias, 7, Vida, 4, and Cielo, six months, with his wife, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, 35.

The couple’s new arrival in August last year has seemingly brought out Michael’s quirky side, as the singer has taken to TikTok and Instagram in recent months, delighting his followers with hilarious clips.

Just yesterday, the singer shared a comedic snippet of: “A day of my life in Argentina (world champions),” alluding to the country’s football world cup win in December.

On the singer’s to-do list for the day was: “First: take maté”, a South American caffeinated drink.

“Next, take my wife and sisters shopping,” with a clip of all four of them walking into a mall.

“Then wait for wife and sisters…Wait longer for wife and sisters”, as the clip showed Michael sitting down in a store holding a growing pile of bags.

Lastly, the Canadian showed off his Argentinian family at a family BBQ, or Asado, as he described it.

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