Michelle Heaton seen with failing liver in candid snap as she marks 8 months of sobriety

Michelle Heaton breaks down as she apologises to Lorraine

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Michelle Heaton showcased her incredible transformation with her 305,000 Instagram followers yesterday. The Liberty X star was pictured in April on her first day in rehab, as well as now after being sober for eight months.

I had to learn to love myself to become well again

Michelle Heaton

The 42-year-old said she had to “learn to love myself to become well again”.

The hitmaker previously explained how she had been consuming as much as a bottle bottle of vodka, lines of cocaine and two bottles of a wine daily since 2018.

In the older of the two photos, the mother-of-two was battling a failing liver and pancreas due to her addiction.

She said she felt “scared [and] alone”, branding her appearance “grey and swollen”.

Michelle looked like a different person in the second shot, as she beamed down the camera.

With her hair worn back, the star teamed a lace blue bralet with matching high-waisted knickers.

She said she is now “happy, filled with hope, energy, ambition and healthy”.

The presenter was immediately inundated with support from fans and famous pals, with the update garnering more than 20,000 likes.

“2021 for me was a whole load of different things,” Michelle stated in the caption. “But it turned out to be the best year of my life – a life beyond my wildest dreams.

“… Not only am I greatful for achieving eight months sobriety, but my body, mind and soul has been replenished with love.

“I had to learn to love myself to become well again!”

She then explained: “The first photo was taken the first day I went into the @priorygroup 27th April 2021.”

Michelle was “scared, alone, [with] no hope, grey and swollen from a failing liver and pancreas” at the time.

She continued: “I wanted to document my journey for myself and now I’m ready to show what the body can do with hard work and a clear mind.

“This is not so much a #fitness post… it’s about a journey, it’s about recovery. Anything is possible if you want and work for it!”

The television star added: “I don’t have any resolutions this year, because all I need right now is my health, my sobriety, my friends back and a family that doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.

“This time last year I didn’t have any power to even make any… I just prayed for another day.”

Presenter Victoria Derbyshire was one of the first to comment, writing: “Well done Michelle, really well done. X.”

Fitness trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read told her she was “looking fabulous”.

While singer Keith Duffy and Nicola McLean both applauded her with clapping emojis.

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