Mick Foley Praises The Rock For Buying XFL With Ex-Wife, 'Sets An Example'

Mick Foley is praising the hell out of The Rock for buying the XFL with his ex-wife … telling TMZ Sports his business relationship with Dany Garcia is just another example of why the former WWE star is an awesome person.

“The greatest part of this announcement is that one of his partners in this venture is his former wife, Dany Garcia,” Foley says.

“The Rock not only sets an example on how to conduct yourself as a human being, an actor, a philanthropist but as a former husband.”

FYI — The Rock married Garcia way back in 1997, but they divorced in 2007 while promising at the time to continue to stay in each other’s lives as “best friends.”

Mick says the way Dwayne has kept up that commitment with Garcia despite the separation is powerful … and Foley claims it tells a lot about the 48-year-old movie star’s character.

“Of all the stories I tell about The Rock, I think my favorite one is he was actually at his ex-wife’s wedding,” says Foley, who wrestled with Dwayne for years in the WWE.

“I think that’s a great lesson for everyone to learn for the fact that they can stay amazing friends, be amazing parents to Simone, and then take on these business ventures.”

As we previously reported, Rock teamed up with Garcia and partners at RedBird Capital (led by Gerry Cardinale) to scoop up the XFL for $15 million on Monday.

The Rock’s promising to build a good product on the field for fans … and Foley says there’s no doubt in his mind his former coworker is going to crush it.

“It’s got a really good shot to succeed because of the intensity and the effort that he and Dany and their partners put into it,” Foley says.

By the way, Mick is already lobbying his old pal for a role in the league … but he tells us he doesn’t want a suit-and-tie front office job — he wants to strap on a helmet!!

“That’s what I’d like to do,” Foley says.


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