Miley Cyrus ‘Isn’t Trying to Hurt’ Liam Hemsworth with Release of ‘Slide Away’

A source is saying that Miley Cyrus “isn’t trying to hurt” Liam Hemsworth after their split.

The source spoke to the song Miley just released, “Slide Away,” which seem to reference her relationship with Liam.

“Her song was her way of telling her story without having to say anything at all. She isn’t trying to bash him, but she wants to be able to share what she’s been going through,” the source told People.

Miley is doing okay. It’s a relief the [breakup] news is out publicly so she can live her life and focus on herself,” the source added. “Miley doesn’t talk about Liam much and is not dwelling in the past. She doesn’t want to hide, and her mood has changed drastically. She seems much more relaxed and happy.”

According to sources, there are two very different sides to the story of why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split.

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