Miranda Lambert Cherishes Harsh Criticisms by Husband

Instead of being offended by the tough comments given by her former-cop hubby Brendan McLoughlin, the ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ crooner loves and appreciates the feedback.

AceShowbizMiranda Lambert is grateful for the honest opinions given by her husband. While the 38-year-old country loves how supportive he is, she also welcomes his honest feedback and the “notes” he’s offered while she prepared for her Las Vegas residency.

The star tied the knot with former policeman Brendan McLoughlin – who later quit the LAPD to work full time for his spouse – in 2019. “He’s been awesome. It’s so nice to have someone so supportive stand by your side but he gives his notes,” she said.

“We’ve watched a lot of rehearsals and he has a lot of opinions and I cherish them, because he’s seen so many shows and he’s in it. But he’s also on the outside of it because he’s not on the stage or not part of the crew really, so I take his notes to heart. I know he just wants us to win! And, you know, he can be harsh sometimes. He’ll tell me the truth, which that is what I love about him.”

The “If I Was a Cowboy” singer – who was previously married to fellow country singer Blake Shelton – added that even though her husband is “new” to showbusiness, she has been in it “so long” that she can utilise the outside opinion.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “He’s kinda new to it, and I’ve been in it for so long. It’s my catalogue we’re talking about, so sometimes I need outside ears to give me sort of new, fresh blood in the set and in my creative process.”

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